Smart kitchen cabinet lighting

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Brief: Setting up smart lighting in the kitchen with under cabinet led strip.

In a modern kitchen with a lot of cabinets, we normally have different lighting on the ceiling, under the furniture, in the kitchen island, in the extraction hood and others. So how can we, for example, introduce smart kitchen cabinet lighting to further enhance the look and feel of the room?

Controlling all of this lighting can be problematic with switches. Firstly, we’d need a lot of them which makes it difficult to know which switch is controlling which light. Secondly, a bank of switches can be rather unsightly. Furthermore, if you are cooking, for example, it becomes tricky to change the lighting mood with dirty or wet hands. Then, when you want to leave the kitchen, you need to turn off each switch one by one.

Solution: Commission various smart lights in a kitchen with smart control options.

Loxone changes the way in which we control lights. We do not think in one switch per lighting circuit is very effective, we work with moods where we control different light sources at once. Therefore we can prepare several dedicated lighting moods, for cooking, eating and so on – making the most of smart LED spots and smart kitchen cabinet lighting such as LED strips.

Automation is the first aspect of control for smart kitchen cabinet lighting. Whenever we come into the kitchen, the default lighting mood will come on, and it will automatically turn off whenever we leave the area. We believe this is a far more convenient and energy-efficient way of controlling your lights.

Under the kitchen cabinet, we could install a motion sensor – allowing the lights to be brought on by presence. Simply being in the area where you would normally prepare food will bring on bright light for cooking. Once you’ve finished and you leave the area the light will automatically turn off.

Whenever we want to manually change the lighting moods of our smart kitchen cabinet lighting, we have different options:
A Touch or Touch Pure mounted onto the wall. These switches have five touch points which allow us to change not only the lighting moods but also adjust the blinds and control the music.
If the surface is compatible, we can install the Touch Surface under a work surface and have the same five points of contact. This can be operated with wet or dirty hands.
The Touch and Grill is also a control point however we also have two temperature sensors, so we can also monitor the temperature of the food. It also has an easy to use timer – which certainly comes in handy in the kitchen.



Smart kitchen cabinet lighting - Loxone config screenshot


Download the sample file:

Smart Kitchen Cabinet Lighting


Why you and your customer should consider smart lighting in the kitchen?

Traditional kitchen cabinet lighting can be tedious to use, with the switches often tucked away. How often do we go out of the room, flick the switch and see that the light over the sink is still on so we have to go back and turn it off? Imagine if you could simply double-tap one switch and everything turns off without you having to worry about it.

However, with Loxone we believe in automation and therefore our solution inherently minimised the number of switched needed. With a Loxone system, the building will work around you most of the time limiting the amount of manual interaction needed.


Local regulations and standards need to be observed. The contents of this page make certain installation assumptions. The information herein does not replace the contextual know-how of a Loxone Partner. As a professionally-installed solution, please consult with a Loxone Partner to realise any of the functionality listed in this Use Case.

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