First impressions & the Intercom. Made to last.

Welcome guests with timeless design…

»Perfection is not achieved when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.« – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Design down to the basics
We are redefining the idea of what an intercom should be. All that’s left is clean lines, timeless design and sensible functionality.

…& keep your data safe

No cloud connection
At Loxone, security also means privacy with your data in mind. All data remains exactly where it belongs – with you! There is no synchronization with the cloud. If necessary, the data, such as the visitor history, is simply saved on the internal memory.


True end-to-end encryption
Communication between the Intercom and the Loxone App takes place with true end-to-end encryption, ensuring that the highest security standards are met.

Made in Germany.

Revolutionary everywhere.

The Intercom meets the highest quality standards, especially in the American market. Manufactured in Germany on one of the most modern production lines, it is designed to every last detail to last a lifetime.
Intercom features

Advanced inside, simple outside

Only the most advanced, high-quality components are used inside the Intercom. It is assembled with absolute accuracy by precise robotics so it can be used easily and reliably by anyone.

HD Camera

Clear, undistorted view with a wide-angle 120° lens.

High-quality microphone

The protected microphone guarantees the best quality over time.

Hidden speaker

Specially developed with innovative speaker routing for crystal-clear sound.

Pure glass surface

Pure, tempered glass gives the Intercom a smooth, satin look by its ceramic finish.

Built-in sensor

Save energy? Of course! When someone approaches the Intercom, it automatically turns on from standby.

Durable materials

High-quality glass, UV-resistant camera and protected microphone. The Intercom is designed to last – no weathering or fading!

Colors for you

The Intercom is available in White or Anthracite to match any exterior.


The Intercom is designed for outdoor use and protected against splashing water from all sides (IP 34).

Pair together for more flexibility

Use the Intercom on its own or in combination with the NFC Code Touch or the Touch Pure. Placed in a stylish Mounting Bracket, the Intercom becomes perfectly paired with additional control.  Combined with the NFC Code Touch, an ultra-flexible and comprehensive system for access control is created.

NFC Code Touch
Touch Pure
without accessories
Show bracket

View Intercom in AR

Would you like to see how the intercom looks on your facade? With our AR tool, you can project the intercom to any location!

*Works in Safari on your iPhone or iPad

View in AR
app display front door intercom

Say »hello« no matter when or where

Remote access means no visitor gets missed, even if you’re in the office or at the beach. No matter if you’re expecting friends or waiting on a delivery. And if you don’t want to say “hello”, you’ll still know who was at your door with data stored in your visitor history.

Active burglar protection:
In addition, remote access and visitor history both play a role in burglary protection.

app display intercom message

Text to speech

Easily store three user-defined messages and play them text-to-speech with just one tap in the app. “Please place the package in the garage”, “We’re outside, come out back.” or…

Instant push notification

Really, just a tap away. If someone is standing in front of your door, you can receive a push notification and choose to interact with your visitor on your lock screen. This saves time and maximizes comfort.

Full Loxone integration

The seamless integration into the Loxone system makes the Intercom more functional than other options on the market.

Doorbell with light

For example, if children are sleeping, the doorbell can be programmed to remain silent. A flashing light will announce a visitor.

Options for your bell

Choose any sound effect to use as a doorbell. Designed for those who expect more than a simple “ding dong”.

Is someone there?

The integrated proximity sensor detects presence to activate the Intercom and more. It uses a 27° angle and range of about 6 ft.

Let a visitor in

Running late while your visitor is at the door? No problem! Simply open the door remotely.

And much more

Let your imagination run wild. Full integration into the Loxone system brings endless possibilities.