Loxone Config & App 13.1: Next-Level Energy Management

Tyron Cosway
19th October 2022 in Technology

New Meter Function Blocks

Meter values are the essential basis of any energy management system. That is why we included seven new meter function blocks in our new Config 13.1, with which all energy flows can be recorded seamlessly.

Unidirectional and bidirectional meter values.

Meter & Storage
Also takes the current status of an energy storage device into account.

Pulse Meter
Consumption meters with an S0 interface.

Fixed Value Meter
For the integration of devices with a fixed rated output.

New Energy Flow Monitor

This new function block summarises all meter values and, if desired, categorises or groups them. This way, the determined data can be visualised individually in the free Loxone app.

Here, you will find detailed statistical data about the current energy flows, a comprehensive history, your own degree of self-sufficiency, the self-consumption rate, as well as the costs saved and the reduced CO2 emissions.

PV surplus with energy storage

PV surplus without energy storage

Supply by energy storage

In addition to visualising electricity flows, the function blocks can also be used to measure and visualise water, heat and gas meters.

Energy Manager Generation 2

Loxone is the only solution in the world that can be used to implement holistic surplus charging management. Here, the central element is the energy manager!

The most important update to the current version is the possibility of integrating controllable consumers such as wall boxes.

Another new feature is the possibility of defining a prioritised minimum charge for an energy storage device, in which the storage device is prioritised until it has reached the desired charge level.

Info: The existing “Energy Manager” function block is not converted automatically.

Wallbox Generation 2

Five freely-definable charging modes, including timer functions, can be stored in the completely revised “wallbox” function block.

This function block was developed in such a way that all functions – including the brand-new visualisation – can be used with any wallbox – doesn’t matter which manufacturer.

Updated Load Manager:
15-min intervals

In the commercial sector, network operators determine the usage fee to be charged based on a maximum average power consumption over a fixed interval of 15 minutes. Here, the highest average power value measured in an interval determines the level of the connected load.

If desired, the renewed load manager can monitor this 15-minute interval, prioritise the loads in commercial properties accordingly and prevent a higher connected load.

New Text Generator

With the help of this new function block, you can create individual text messages. This is perfect, for example, for issuing text-to-speech notifications about the vehicle’s current charging capacity.

New Icon Library

The huge icon library, introduced with the Touch Pure Flex product release, can now also be used in the Loxone Config & App 13.1. This includes a ton of energy-related icons!

… and much more

In addition to these highlights, there are numerous other innovations and improvements such as:


  • New learning dialogs
  • New monitors
  • Autopair on Air
  • M-Bus support for IR Meter Reader Air
  • Daylight control for DMX

Download now:
Loxone Config & App 13.1

Discover the new Loxone Config & App 13.1, and experience the benefits that come with all the new features and unique level of energy management!

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