Smart home ideas and inspiration

See Loxone Smart Homes from around the world and imagine the endless possibilities for your next Real Smart Home project. You can find unique uses for automated lighting, heating, multimedia, security and more. Discover the home automation ideas with special projects like automated home theaters or outdoor pools with Touch Surface control. This is all possible thanks to Loxone technology and the remarkable Miniserver. 

Loxone Smart Homes: North America

With 100+ Loxone Partners across North America, Loxone buildings are changing the way people experience their homes with true home automation. Get inspired by the smart homes below and take the first step to put your dream smart home into action. Or maybe you want to expand your business and offer your customers their dream smart homes just like these? Either way, we’re happy to help get you started and answer any questions

Loxone Smart Homes: International

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Inspiration for your smart home

Whether you’re planning a new home or renovation, or maybe you’re just curious, you can find plenty of smart home inspiration. Our Welcome Home magazine is full of tips and ideas. Plus, it’s free to download.


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