Easy automation for
electrical contractors

Earn more by providing a full-service automation solution that’s easy to setup. No matter if you’re planning a smart home, building or any other application with automation, you’ll get support you need to offer a simple yet advanced solution that fits a wide range of needs.

Easy automation for electrical contractors

Earn more by providing your clients a full-service automation solution that’s easy to set up. From consulting and planning to implementation, you’ll get support you need to offer a simple yet advanced solution that fits a wide range of applications.

Benefits beyond expectations

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Familiar Wiring

Our system uses the same copper cable you’ll be used to, and follows traditional Class 2 wiring methods. Plus, color-coded wiring reduces room for error.

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Robust and Reliable

Loxone’s solutions are extremely reliable and stable. With our growing functionality, you’ll be visiting clients for upgrades–not repairs.

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Most powerful option

Loxone is a complete automation system with intuitive control for all project sizes. Programming is free and easy , simply drag & drop functions and ready-made modules.

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Introducing an automated ecosystem

What happens? A cohesive environment simply works as it should: lighting, audio, HVAC, security and much more. While Loxone offers a complete, flexible solution for intelligent building automation, it can be individualized based on your client’s needs.

Flexibility and room for expansion
Devices can be connected like branches with free-from topology to be controlled individually or grouped as needed. Extensions always leave room for more possibilities later on.

Starting with advanced lighting control
LED lighting fixtures can be automated to meet a wide range of needs and provide benefits in any building: residential, office, AAL, commercial properties. Loxone offers the most flexible solution that works with any lights on the market, high- or low-voltage.


I’ve been working in the industry for 35+ years. Loxone understands the needs of electrical contractors like no other Smart Home company out there. With Loxone’s easy to use solution, I’m able to install and configure full smart homes without the need to hire any programmers or integrators.

Mark Snyder

Mark Snyder Electric

After working with Loxone, I find myself revisiting the past lighting systems I’ve done and thinking about what I would have done differently in my mind. I can’t help but imagine how much improvement would have been made if I used Loxone back then.

Matt Winder

Clarity SSD

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