The 100,000th Loxone Project

09/13/2019 in Case Studies
Situated in Spain’s distinguished Catalonia region, the 100,000th Loxone Smart Home makes a humbly significant statement. After 10 years of Loxone spreading a simpler lifestyle by true automation, chances are you may already know what to expect out of this home’s functionality. Even if you’re just catching onto Loxone’s mission, it still remains as true as the day it all started. See how this Catalonian smart home meets all expectations of the Real Smart Home vision:

After 10 years, we went from 1 to 100,000! Where does it all start?

With the Miniserver. First born 10 years ago, it’s growing up with numerous technologies and products along with it. It’s shaking up the smart home market as we know it and improving lifestyles with every building automation installation it crosses. From buildings as tiny as, well, tiny homes to as large as hotels, the Miniserver has proven its flexibility at the core of any project.

Now with our 100,000th Loxone project, it remains tried and true that a building taking care of tasks efficiently on its own is not just possible, it’s the way that we should be living. With this home’s durable wood construction and excellent insulation, it serves as an ideal foundation for the Miniserver to take care of a reliable, efficiently controlled home by Loxone.


Functions to take notice: 
A Loxone Smart Home offers so many impressive features and functions. You could spend all day browsing the possibilities of our products and technology.

For this home, we’d like to focus on three: room climate, operating modes and multi-room audio. All working together thanks to the Miniserver.

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Comfortable room climate

Room climate gets taken care of to every last detail. Even when a window is left open, the HVAC will then know to turn itself off thanks to Door & Window Contact Sensors. The blinds in the home are also controlled intelligently with help from the Nano 2 Relay Tree. So in the winter, they will focus on staying open to let the sun come through as much as possible to help heat the room before relying on the heating system. Or in the summer, they will work to avoid too much warmth from the sun coming through the windows.

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Convenient operating modes

When living in this smart home, the home knows how to adapt to the family’s lifestyle and needs. This is true whether they’re home or away, especially once certain operating modes are activated, for example, Away Mode. This will go into effect when the last person to leave the house triple-taps a Touch Pure. This will let the house know that it should take care of all tasks such as turning off all the lights and power guzzlers, closing the garage door, arming the security system, setting the HVAC to economy mode and more.

Similarly at night before bed, the whole bedroom or whole house can be notified to take care of tasks by a double-tap or triple-tap respectively.  

Multi-room audio

The family of this home was especially looking forward to Loxone’s multi-room audio experience. They integrated speakers throughout the home to take advantage of all the possibilities. The family has selected their favorite playlists for each room. So when they enter each room, the mood is automatically set how they want and expect it to be, especially when paired with lighting.

With such an open space throughout the main entertaining areas, the family likes everything to be seamless throughout, including their outdoor dining area. So it’s crucial that “room”-to-“room”, music interacts seamlessly without delay.

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After reaching our own milestone of 100,000 Loxone Smart Homes and commercial properties, we hope this inspires you to reach your next goal with Loxone – smart home, commercial building or custom automation project. Browsing our magazine will give you plenty of tips and ideas. Plus, it’s free to download. Your next personal milestone starts here.

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