Introducing partnership with Texas Lighting

Courtney Muraczewski
05/06/2020 in Backstage
In today’s modern smart home or commercial building, lighting design and control becomes a standard to achieve the highest functionality and ideal environment. With this in mind, we’ve decided to partner up with Texas Lighting! As a manufacturer representative in Northern Texas and its surrounding area, Texas Lighting offers many impressive lighting solutions and design assistance. We’re excited for this partnership and the possibilities it brings to control a wide range of lighting fixtures.

Texas Lighting now offers Loxone automation solution to control 130+ lighting manufacturers 

Texas Lighting represents more than 130 manufacturers in the industry, which allows their Lighting Design Team to select the most effective products for the application while using the least amount of energy as possible. While Texas Lighting does offer plenty of lighting fixtures, Loxone is their first manufacturer of not only lighting fixtures, but also as a complete ecosystem of controlled components that can integrate with all other manufacturers. So now lighting solutions in the Texas area become even more individualized with the selection of any Loxone or third-party lighting fixture and the automation controls provided by Loxone.

Personalized lighting design with intelligent control

Texas Lighting has an in-house team that specializes in Lighting Control System Design. They offer free assistance in the design of Loxone lighting control installations. With Loxone integrated into any application, an individualized approach can meet any lighting requirements.


Loxone lighting products

Control any light on the market

No matter which light source, low- or high-voltage, full integration and smart light control is possible. Loxone even supports digital interfaces like DMX and DALI.

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Let’s talk about your lighting project

Interested? We’re happy to answer any questions about lighting control and design with Loxone and Texas Lighting.

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