New: Flush-mounted Presence Sensor Tree

Courtney Muraczewski
10/22/2020 in Technology
With design that’s meant to blend into any interior, the new Flush-mounted Presence Sensor Tree is now available for Loxone Partners. Discreet, low-profile design offers a seamless fit with LED Spots. It reliably detects motion, sound and brightness to form the basis for automated functions in smart homes and buildings.

Whether you’re planning a family home, stylish restaurant or smart office, the newly designed Flush-mounted Presence Sensor Tree will help bring true automation into any interior seamlessly.

Equipped with PIR presence and acoustic sensor, it reliably detects not just movement, but all-around presence. Plus, a built-in brightness sensor enables implementation of a constant brightness controller quickly and easily. This function is particularly beneficial in commercial buildings.

Additionally, Presence Sensors form the basis for more important functions such as alarms, music, heating, ventilation & cooling.

Learn more abut installing our Presence Sensors, with further improved design, in our latest video:

Flush-mounted Presence Sensor Tree

Order the Flush-mounted Presence Sensor Tree for your next home of building automation project:

Our tip: Simplify pre-wiring with our compatible Spot Rough-In Mounts.


Flush-mounted Presence Sensor Tree White close-up view

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