Loxone On Air at HomeTech.fm

Krista Aumüller
06/19/2017 in Backstage
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In the latest podcast, Seth and Jason sat down with CEO of Loxone US, Florian Woess. Over the course of the interview, Florian explains his personal background, a brief history of Loxone, what Autopilot Living truly means, the Loxone software from a programming perspective, how Loxone Technology works, and ultimately what Loxone’s plans are for the US.

Loxone On Air at HomeTech.fm

The interview with our CEO starts at Minute 23.

Here’s a short extract:

Do you know how the idea of Loxone was born?

One story Florian talks about in this interview, is how the idea of Loxone was born. Unbeknownst to some, our two CEO’s Thomas Moser and Martin Oeller actually created the Loxone system themselves! The idea of Loxone came about after they installed expensive smart home solutions into their own homes which did not meet their demands. Since they both had the tech experience and the resources, they decided to develop a true smart home solution. At first the Loxone solution they created was just for their own needs, but today it is for everyone!

What does Autopilot Living mean?

Autopilot Living means real home automation. Lighting, music, HVAC, security, and music, all working together. For example: When you enter the bathroom the lights and music will go on automatically. When you take a shower the ventilation will turn on and run as long as the humidity is too high. No other smart home solutions combines all functions of a home in this easy way of Autopilot Living. Autopilot Living is living in a home that thinks for itself, one that adapts to your wants and needs, and does this all automatically.

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