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12/05/2018 in Technology
A Loxone Smart Home is intelligently automated, so you don’t need to use our app for everyday control. That said, when you do want a deeper level of control for your lighting, shading, music and more, then this iPad Wallmount serves as a great smart home touchscreen control panel.
Full screen image of smart home touchscreen control panel.
iPad icon

 Control your entire home
Get instant access to every smart home function like lighting, security, music and more. Set the mood to “Entertain” or “Relax” – the options are endless. All
at the command of
your fingertip. 

Bell icon

Keep close watch
See when you have any visitors at your door. Your Loxone Intercom will communicate info to display on your app.
Plus, you can even communicate back to
your guests.

Chart icon

Check your stats
Run your home with energy efficiency in mind. Monitor how your home is operating with statistics like power consumption or temperature history. This can save you energy and costs in the long run.

Maximum quality 
meets minimalist design

Our durable aluminum Wallmount will keep your iPad secure. Available in silver or anthracite, its timeless design blends in anywhere.

Image focusing on frame of iPad Wallmount

Ultra thin
At just .4 inches, our Wallmount is one of the thinnest in the world. It looks like it was meant for your wall. 

Image focusing on back surface of iPad Wallmount

High quality
Durable aluminum gets a sandblasted and coated surface, making a Wallmount that meets high standards. 

iPad Wallmount hanging on wall with no cords visible

No cables in sight
Your iPad is plugged in and ready to use. Stay connected and fully-charged with your cords completely hidden.

– Special Tip –

Laptop screen displaying Loxone Partner Store


Discover all other details about the iPad Wallmount in our Partner Store.

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