How to: ‘Comfort Leaving’ your garage

08/28/2017 in Know How
We often find ourselves leaving our home in a hurry. Whether it’s to get to work, make an appointment, or to meet up with some friends, we always feel like we are in a rush. Fortunately, Loxone has made it so that we never have to worry about leaving appliances or lights on as we rush out the door. With Loxone’s “Comfort Leaving” you can find peace of mind all the while increasing comfort living and saving energy.
As soon as we get in our car and back out of the garage, we simply tap the Remote. This is the signal for our home to:

  • Close the garage.
  • Turn off all lights.
  • Turn off music.
  • Turn off devices like TV.
  • Activate the alarm system.

All that with a single tap! As easy as it is to activate, it’s also easy to realize it for your smart home project. We’ll show you how!

5 steps to configure ‘Comfort Leaving’

For your ‘Comfort Leaving’ feature you don’t need any additional smart home products as you already use motion sensors for your lighting control, your music server for multi room audio, and window or door contacts for security reasons and to save heating energy. So the only thing you have to do is to add this great feature in your configuration in Loxone Config.

With our revolutionary ‘Auto Configure’ feature, Loxone Config automatically takes over the basic configuration of all major smart home functions as well as the settings for the Loxone App. To individualize the configuration we work with more than 100 smart home function blocks, which makes it really easy to realize a smart home project.

Based on your existing configuration, the feature ‘Comfort Leaving’ is realized within these 5 steps:

Step 1: Close the garage

Go to the configuration page of your garage. There you have the function block ‘Garage / Gate’. To close the garage by a tap on the remote, connect the output of the remote to the input ‘IC’ of the function block.

Step 2: Music Off

Switch to the configuration page of the living room. Here again, connect the remote with the ‘Off’ input of the function block ‘Music Server Zone’. And do the same step in all rooms where you want to turn off the music.

Step 3: All devices Off

To turn off all devices by leaving your home, note that we’re still on the living room page at Loxone Config. In our home, for example, we turn off the TV when leaving the home. Just connect the input of the remote to the ‘Off’ of the ‘Media Controller’ function block which is already controlling your TV.

Step 4: Lights Off

In your configuration you’ll also find a page ‘Whole House’. There’s the important function block ‘Central’. With it you can turn off all lights in the home by just one click. Also here, connect the input of the remote with the ‘Loff’ of the function block ‘Central’. To make sure that all lights are turned off, do a double click on the function block and choose all lights in your home.

Step 5: Alarm On

For activating the alarm when leaving the home, you just need to do a few clicks on the page ‘Whole House’, which you should already be on. Connect the remote with the input ‘V’ with the ‘burglar alarm’ function block to arm the burglar alarm with a delay.

And that’s it. Easy, wasn’t it? Now think about how hard it is to realize this great feature without Loxone.

Questions? We’re here to help.

You can also download our sample file, to go over what we’ve configured within these 5 steps. Do you have any questions? Or do you want to know more about possible features for your smart home project?

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