Breaking ground for Loxone Campus

10/20/2020 in Backstage
Do you know about our Loxone Campus Expansion? Well this past Friday, our Loxone team at our Basecamp in Austria celebrated the ground-breaking event for the Loxone Campus! Trees were planted and roots were established for the future building ensemble that is to come: hotel, office, logistics and training center.

Establishing roots

Trees were planted and the construction of Loxone Campus has officially begun. Expanding on the intelligent automation in the offices of Loxone Basecamp, the Loxone Camus will offer smart functionality in its buildings for training, hotels and more. Especially during the current times of COVID-19, this symbol of growth keeps us looking forward. This $64M project is scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2023.

With the Loxone Campus underway, we are building nothing less than the epicenter for intelligent building automation in Europe. For builders, installation partners and much more to enjoy. The Campus is all about furthering training, education and especially inspiration. A special place is being created here for our guests, partners and employees from all over the world, inviting them to discover and experience the whole diversity of intelligent building automation. The Campus will be architecturally embedded in the surrounding landscape, showing what future of living and working in buildings can and will look like.

Martin Öller


We’re very excited to offer our guests accommodation in the most modern, intelligent hotel and venue in Europe. We are also fulfilling our promise to our employees to offer the ‘Best Workplace for Performers’. Because here, in a wonderful, idyllic rural area, technology is improving lifestyles – especially in the workplace.

Rüdiger Keinberger

CEO, Loxone

Embedded in the landscape

A special attention to detail in the planning of the Loxone Campus is for preservation of the landscape. With Marcel Amrhein and team of architects at ARKD Linz, we are planning the next chapter of Loxone history. 

An architectural feature of the campus is that we are creating and designing the building as an unfolding of the landscaped green space. The individual parts of the building develop out of the landscape and flow back into the site. The axial grid and the building shape are inspired by the triangular shapes of the surface of the Miniserver.

Marcel Amrhein

Managing Director, ARKD Linz

– Special Tip –

Expanding from our fully-automated Basecamp

Completely automated by Loxone, of course, an environment is created and well-suited for performers. From lighting to payment systems, intelligent heating and much more, the benefits of automation can be found in every corner. Go behind the scenes of our automated Loxone Basecamp:

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