Finally, a Simple Solution For Your Smart Home!

The Loxone Miniserver truly makes your home smart, regulating everything from lighting and heating to music and home cinema.

Dumb home to smart home with Loxone Miniserver
dumb home plus Loxone Miniserver equals smart home

The Affordable Home Automation System

The Loxone Miniserver truly makes your home smart, regulating everything from lighting and heating to music and home cinema. It's the only home automation system you'll need: one system, one app, complete control.

Example 1/5: Lighting the Living Room

  • On/Off
  • 5 lights, 5 buttons
  • LEDs? Well where's the remote control!
  • Difficult to change
  • Just one switch can select scenes: watch TV, read, relax...
  • Double click - the room's off. Triple click - the whole house is off!
  • LEDs, choose the colours with your phone!
  • Want to make changes? Start the app and off you go!

Example 2/5: Shading

  • Flip the switch up, the blinds come up
  • Flip the switch down, the blinds come down
  • Want to control more than one blind at
    a time? No chance!
  • Is that it? Yep - that's it!
  • 7am: Good morning! Up go the blinds
  • 11am: The sun's shining! The shading function is activated
  • 9pm: Privacy - the blinds fully close again

Example 3/5: Heating

  • Central temperature control for the house
  • Set at 22°, but it's actually between 20º - 25º
  • Too hot, open some windows!
  • Going on vacation? Turn the heating off, cold
    house on return!
  • Set temperature in each room
  • Target in the bedroom: 18º
  • Target in the bathroom from 7am to 10am: 23°
  • Getting too hot? Don't worry - the heating
    learns and will automatically adjust!
  • Vacation mode - define the dates for your holiday!

Example 4/5: Alarms

  • Burglar? Come on in!
  • Maybe they're stealing everything... Zzzz...
  • The cost? £££
  • Holiday mode: alarm armed
  • Motion sensor activated: alarm activated
  • Intruders? The curtains could open, the
    lights flash and loud music or sirens blast out!
  • Costs? None its included!

Example 5/5: iPhone and other devices

  • iPhone? What for...?!
  • What's there to display...?
  • The cost? £££
  • From the sofa, you can turn on anything
  • Turn the sauna or hot tub on away from home
  • Heat your holiday home remotely!
  • Extra costs? None!

Days To Go

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Smart Homes Made Easy!

We believe that simplicity and innovation should lie at the heart of any home automation system, and our heart is our Miniserver. The Miniserver takes care of the tasks you'd normally do around the house - switching the lights on and off, checking the back door is locked, or drawing all the curtains. However, unlike many other smart home systems and products- the Miniserver reacts and responds to you, your family and your routine.

Control your home with mobile app or switches.

Everything You Need

Heating, lighting, blinds and curtains, security alarms, intercom, music, home cinema and so much more... With Loxone there really are no limits.

Loxone in Action

Exactly How You Want...

Whether you're controlling it with a classic switch, a KNX® sensor, a smartphone, tablet or PC, your Loxone Smart Home is entirely flexible and responsive. Choose the home automation solution that offers truly intuitive living.

More Info

... at a Great Price!

Invest just £429 in a Miniserver and you can get started on your dream Smart Home! And there's no need for any additional hardware or licenses.

Smart Homes - The Cost

The Complete Home Automation System

The Miniserver is the fully scalable, flexible and futureproof centrepiece of the Loxone smart home system. You can automate your lighting, heating, curtains, security system- almost anything you can think of!

The versatility of Loxone is just one of the things that make us the perfect control system for your home.

See What The Loxone Miniserver Can Do


It's easy to become a Loxone partner- you'll enjoy a variety of benefits plus the full support of our expert team. Find out how you can get started today.

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Whether you're building your own home, or want a mess-free wireless solution, we have the products you need to create your dream smart home, and a team of experts to install it for you!

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Loxone in Action

We all have different ideas about our homes and requirements for them, don't we? Everyone's unique, after all. That's why we've intentionally made our Home Automation solution as flexible as possible, allowing you to tailor your Smart Home exactly to your needs and inspiring you at the same time. Speaking of inspiration, why not have a look at how some people have Smartened up their homes already...?  

The Brown Box // 2008 // 240m²

Schapartment // 2011 // 68m²

Lighthouse // 2011 // 233 

Elk Passive House // 2012 // 146 

Control your home with any mobile device

From Anywhere

You know that feeling when you leave the house and you're not 100% sure that all the doors and windows are closed? Or you suspect that the iron's been left on? Of course you do! Well, with Loxone and our apps you never need wonder again. Control your home from your iPhone®, iPod® Touch or with your Android® smartphone - quickly and easily! 


iPhone + iPod Android




Loxone brings your home together- no more endless 'smart' gadgets that can't talk to each other, no more trying to navigate loads of different apps. Who has time for that? Control your lighting, heating, home security, home sound system...even your sprinklers!

Feeling the pinch from rising energy prices? Doesn't everything seem so expensive these days? Start taking control - heat only the rooms you use, when you use them. Automate your lights, so that you'll never leave one on again. Generate your own electricity with solar panels and power your home for less. There are no limits, so stop being squeezed and start getting smart!

Save Energy with Home Automation

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