Caring for classic cars at the Coleson residence


The Colesons reside on a gorgeous property complete with a magnificent, Loxone-infused two-story garage. Inside, the Loxone indoor temperature and humidity sensors are programmed to set the heating and air conditioning to the perfect levels needed to sustain this car-friendly environment year round. Even on the most brutal of Texan days, everything under the roof is well protected. A collection like this deserves to be proudly displayed with the Loxone lighting system; illuminating every inch of the “display floor” with energy efficient LED light fixtures that activate via a Loxone Motion Sensor and/or Touch switch. But the Loxone Touch does not limit itself to lighting controls. The same switch also controls a high quality music system and serves as the main conduit for the garage door functions.


With a collection so precious (and expensive), security is most important. That’s why each door and window is equipped with a Door & Window Contact Sensor to provide quick alerts if and whenever needed. Through the Loxone Miniserver, if a door or window is ever opened at the wrong time, not only does an alert activate - the Miniserver also communicates exactly which door or window it was to ensure timely and accurate responses.