Medical practice New York

Fact Check

Cameo Surgical Center Long Island, New York
Loxone Partner


The most unique need presented by the client on this project was a lighting system that is customizable, controlled remotely from his phone and could be zoned off by room while still having the ability to set scenes for the entire building. Highlighting a replica Thor hammer with special lighting effects was a centerpiece to this project. This level of customization is what the client was most excited about.


The partner used crown molding LED channels to create custom light fixtures that ended up working like wall-washers, setting each wall on a different RGBW Dimmer. This created some cool effects at the front desk, waiting room, and the other areas. He has been a fan of led lighting on crown molding for a long time. Traditionally, you see it up high. Since this was a commercial building, the ceilings were so high that the light wouldn’t have made an impact, so they decided to use them creatively. They created fixtures mid-wall and running down the baseboards facing the ground. The end result was worth it, you always see these projects in your head first and the struggle is creating it on-site. So when it happens just how you imagined it’s so special.