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09/28/2018 in Case Studies

Loxone Automotive Care

Everyone has their hobbies, something you truly connect with and pour all of yourself into it. Your time, your energy, sometimes your money, anything to keep your passion alive and well looked after. Yes, indeed everyone has hobbies, some just go a bit bigger than others. Jerry Coleson is one such individual with an impressive collection of over a dozen cars, both classic and modern, and all in pristine condition.

The Colesons reside on a gorgeous property complete with a magnificent, Loxone infused two-story garage. Inside, the Loxone indoor temperature and humidity sensors are programed to set the heating and air conditioning to the perfect levels needed to sustain this car friendly environment year round. Even on the most brutal of Texan days everything under the roof is well protected.

A collection like this deserves to be displayed proudly with the Loxone lighting system;illuminating every inch of the “display floor” with energy efficient LED light fixtures that activate via a Loxone Motion Sensor and/or Touch switch. But the Loxone Touch does not limit itself to lighting controls. The same touch also controls a high quality music system and serves as the main conduit for the garage door functions.

Sometimes, when you have the vision, a simple garage can be so much more.

Jerry saw fit to add a poker room and lounge that sits atop his collection. A radiant second floor room with a lovely view of the cars below. Also outfitted with the Loxone solution, this extra space is mainly used for entertainment. The lighting and music systems controlled by another Loxone touch pad provide a grade-A atmosphere for hosted evenings. But during the times when this room is vacant, the Loxone Miniserver knows this and shuts the entire room down to conserve energy without compromising the rest of the garage and the more regularly used rooms.

With a collection so precious (and expensive) security is most important. That’s why each door and window is equipped with a Door & Window Contact Sensor to provide quick alerts if and whenever needed. Through the Loxone Miniserver, if a door or window is ever opened inappropriately not only does an alert activate but the Miniserver communicates exactly which door or window it was to ensure timely and accurate responses.


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