Spanish Hotel Mas de la Sala

06/24/2022 in Case Studies
Tucked away in Catalonia, Spain, Mas de la Sala is a four-star hotel and restaurant that serves up traditional cuisine and elevated automation designed for relaxation. After a day at the conveniently located Pla de Bages winery, coming back to this automated hotel is a cherry on top of any vacation.

Picturesque scenery, fine cuisine, great wine – and automation!

This charming, tranquil spot is the ultimate getaway for anyone seeking some relaxation, and it’s only been amplified with Loxone. Wanting to provide its guests with a truly unique experience, this hotel has renovated a select number of rooms with intelligent automation such as shading, lighting, audio and ventilation capabilities. Plus, the flexibility and scalability of Loxone’s technology adapts to enhance the employee’s workplace processes.

Hotel entrance

An intelligently automated hotel room experience

In the first phase of this project, two rooms were completely remodeled. One of the master suites and one standard double room got a total automation makeover to bring guests an elevated experience.

However, automated technology is not exclusive only to luxury rooms. Any room can reap the benefits of having a system that takes care of all the functionalities. Especially in the case of energy savings and efficiency, automating standard rooms can drastically reduce energy costs.

However, for guests, hotel owners and Loxone there is one goal in mind:

ease of operation.

panoramic view of hotel room
Anthracite pendulums
hotel room desk space
bathroom sinks

The smart hotel rooms at Mas de la Sala
have one basic principle: automation.

For this automated hotel, providing a truly unique guest experience comes first. The sensors and detectors know the status of all the rooms functions and activates them as necessary, meaning guests don’t have to lift a finger. It’s the awe on guests faces that makes having an automated control system all the more gratifying for Mas de la Sala.

Step inside and experience automation at its finest

The blinds...

are completely automated at Mas de la Sala. During the summer months where the outside temperature gets a little too hot, the blinds are set to lower as the sun comes up and raise in the evening when the sun sets. This process helps the hotel save a significant amount of energy.


The lights...

function with elevated motion sensor technology that turns on and stays on as you move about your room. The option to set a timer for the lights to go off means that these lights won’t flicker out after just a few seconds or minutes.


Integrated audio...

is set to welcome guests, play music in the bathroom upon entry and easily cycle through music on conveniently placed Touch switches in the hotel room. The Loxone Audioserver works hard to improve the quality of  guests stay.


Temperature control...

kicks in ahead of time to ensure that the room is at the perfect temperature for new and current guests. When a room is not in use, the heating and cooling system is switched off to avoid unnecessarily wasting energy 

Initially, our Loxone Partner suggested renovating just a few rooms – as a test run. We already knew about the Loxone system so when we met with our Partner it didn’t take much convincing for us to get on board. We started with a three-stage project spearheaded by the excellent interior designer, Marta Castellano. The renovation was of a suite and a standard double room and the result for us was just… spectacular! Not only is it optimal for energy-saving, but also for changing the atmosphere at any given moment.

Our recommendation to any business owner is this: if you’re renovating or expanding, keep Loxone, its system and equipment, in mind.

Valentí Sala

Owner, Mas de la Sala

Loxone Touch Switch Standard

Should you need to change the lighting mood, manually raise or lower the blinds or adjust the music, then simply tap on one of the Loxone Touch Switches which are conveniently placed around the room.

For even more versatility, the Loxone Touch Surface makes controlling your home possible no matter the circumstance. It can be integrated under wood, glass, ceramic or stone surfaces to turn them into intelligent points of control. In this project, Mas de la Sala utilized the Touch Surface on the bathroom counters!

The Touch Nightlight also gives users another controller while also functioning as an alarm clock, ambient light and much more.

Touch nightlight
Touch surface on bathroom counter
hotel room bed with lighting

Reduced energy costs with automation

At Mas de la Sala, Loxone’s technology has implemented a comprehensive automation system that monitors every function down to a ‘T’ – which is great for energy efficiency. Notorious for spending excess energy, air conditioning systems are automated to regulate temperatures for the perfect climate while keeping costs down. This function, along with the automated blinds, lighting, access control and intelligent facility management, creates an optimal energy saving environment.

Automation based on room status

The temperature of a room can be intelligently controlled based on whether a room is prepping for a new guest, being occupied, or unused. The lights are turned off and the room goes into energy saver mode.

Window Status

If a window is opened while the heating or air conditioning is operating, then the system will temporarily halt to keep from wasting energy.

Automated Shading

Automatic shading prevents the sun’s rays from penetrating rooms during the summer months – reducing the need for air conditioning. In the winter the blinds maximize the amount of sunlight in the hotel rooms to support the heating system.

A Loxone expert’s take on automation in the hospitality industry

When we consider automation in a hotel, we think of the following aspects:

Experience: Guests use hotel rooms different to a normal bedroom – the room should reflect this but everything should still be automated.

Savings: Energy savings is key. Make the hotel as efficient as possible.

Control: Having a detailed view of the whole system and receiving alerts if there’s an incident gives the owners maximum peace of mind.

Access: With the Intercom, access can be granted 24 hours a day even if nobody is at the reception desk letting visitors arrive at any time.

Francesc Soler

Managing Director, Loxone Spain

whirlpool bathtub in hotel room

Unparalleled Comfort

The renovation of these rooms has provided guest of Mas de la Sala with unparalleled levels of comfort. Utilizing automation allows for an improved visitor experience in every corner of the room. Just take the atmospheres that can be created! A lighting mood can be combined with the colors of the bathtubs whirlpool for a truly unique experience. Bringing this kind of hospitality to rooms of all kinds, not just luxury, gives guests a one-of-a-kind vacation.

purple lighting scene
blue lighting scene
orange lighting scene

Night Mode

Perhaps one of the coolest features implemented at Mas de la Sala is Night Mode. Before going to bed, a guest simply needs to triple tap on the Touch Switch or Touch Nightlight beside the bed. This will turn off the lights, lower the blinds and cease any music that might have been playing.

Then, in the event they get up in the middle of the night, a dim colored light will gently turn on, lighting the room just enough so they can see, but not to startle them or anyone else that may be sleeping.

hotel room in night mode with blue lighting

The reviews are in: automated hotel rooms brings a
relaxing and carefree vacation experience

I would define my stay at Mas de la Sala Suite as “carefree”, in the best sense of the word. The lights go on and off without doing anything, you forget about the blinds as they function on their own, the whirlpool bath is a real luxury, and you can also change the lighting while bathing from the switch embedded in the wall. The service is impeccable, from the reception to the hotel’s restaurant services.

Eric Alsina

Guest at Mas de la Sala, June 2020

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