Loxone expands its network of manufacturer reps across the United States

Courtney Muraczewski
01/19/2021 in Backstage
For integrators from the Atlantic to the Pacific, Loxone is spreading vastly for a wide range of home & building automation needs with the support of seven manufacturer representatives. In a world of high-end control systems that often compromise functionality, we’re reversing this trend with true automation. Now with a nationwide network onboard, we’re looking forward to new opportunities ahead with this latest partnership announcement!

With our network expansion, these partnerships open up a new world of control with less manual “control” by introducing a complete, flexible automation solution for any systems. 

In addition to Loxone’s self-engineered and manufactured 24V DC lighting fixtures, the system can flexibly control and dim any high- or low-voltage lighting load available in the market. Any lighting solution with Loxone is capable of full color RGBW, tunable white lighting effect (human centric lighting) and more in terms of individualization within a completely automated environment.

Seeking new opportunities in the past year of challenges, I’m excited for Loxone’s strides in growth that establish Loxone – among other top manufacturers in our reps’ lines – as the only completely flexible solution for true automation in homes and buildings. Especially when it comes to lighting, we will truly stand out with our DC power lighting and intelligent control that can adapt to lifestyles, natural daylight and much more.

Mark Skazenski

Vice President, Business Development, Loxone

When considering other manufacturers that reps are already supporting, Loxone – with an open network and complete scalability – fits in seamlessly to work with any system and meet any unique needs.

We’re proud to present our growing list of representation of Loxone automation:

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Loxone Partner working

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