Security in the Loxone Smart Home – Part 3: Protection of the building

03/06/2018 in Know How

Security has many facets –
the Loxone Smart Home covers them all

In your home, you can feel completely safe. It deters burglars for you, watches over the whole family, protects itself and preserves your privacy.

In our third part of the series of articles dealing with the subject of security, we dedicate ourselves to the mostly invisible but nevertheless important one:

Protecting the building

Einbruchschutz Haus - Icon Sicherheit

At night, when you sleep, the Loxone Smart Home does not shut its eyes but watches over its occupants – but at the same time, it protects itself from potential dangers. It is prepared for fire, water and storms, and immediately sounds the alarm in case of an emergency, without your intervention.

Schutz des Gebäudes mit Loxone

Protecting the building
from fire, water and storms

Fire, water and storm damage can be devastating to a home and can even endanger life.

Schutz vor Feuer


Fire. The number one source of danger in all households worldwide. Fires can have multiple causes, from someone forgetting to blow out a candle to a faulty electrical appliance, and can take over a room in seconds. For this reason, it is imperative that your home is on alert for the very first wisp of smoke.

Schutz vor Wasser


There can also be many reasons for water emergencies: a burst pipe, heavy rainfall, flooding, etc. Of course, the level of danger from water can vary from a dripping pipe to a flooded basement, however, they can all cause considerable damage to the fabric of the building. Therefore, a reliable way of detecting water early is necessary.

In the second part of our blog series about security, you’ll find more information about how the Loxone Smart Home alarm system works for fire and water emergencies.

Schutz vor Sturm


Depending on where your home is located, the threat of storms may be different. High wind speeds in the US have the power to topple trees and cause considerable damage, so they’re not be underestimated. In a Loxone Smart Home, your home can monitor the forecast and keep an eye on wind speed and precipitation. If a storm’s on the way, it can take steps to protect the building, from closing motorised windows to retracting any exterior awnings or roller shutters.

If the bad weather brings with it a cold snap, your home can also help with frost protection, keeping the house at a temperature that’s economical, but doesn’t risk pipes freezing and bursting.

Other security features

Discover all the other security features for building protection in Loxone Smart Homes and turn your home into a secure fortress.

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