Online Product Event 2021: The Intercom

Courtney Muraczewski
05/04/2021 in Technology

The Intercom: designed to be simple, advanced with full functionality

The Intercom is designed meticulously down to the finest materials, state-of-the-art technology, numerous features and, of course, seamless integration into your Loxone projects. It’s installed easily in just a few minutes – incl. remote access via Remote Connect!

The newest NFC Code Touch

Introducing the latest advancements to the NFC Code Touch:

  • an accentuated bell button
  • push-in clamps for easier mounting
  • optimizations to prevent false triggers in extreme weather conditions
  • improved mounting concept

Combined with the Intercom in our new Mounting Frame, you get an ultra-flexible and comprehensive access control system.

Note: Please only use the latest generation of NFC Code Touches for use in the new Mounting Frames (available in Double or Single).


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