The Loxone Campus has Opened its Doors

Raphael Vierlinger
09/18/2023 in Backstage

A unique building ensemble in the heart of Europe has officially opened its doors: the Loxone Campus. In around three years, the pioneer for intelligent building automation created an architectural masterpiece with state-of-the-art technology that blends harmoniously into the surrounding landscape. This is where forward-looking technology meets an inspiring experience.

Martin Öller, co-owner and co-founder of Loxone, is pleased to welcome around 600 invited guests to the opening of the Campus: “It has been an impressive journey from the idea to the realization of the Loxone Campus. Our goal was to build a campus that meets Loxone’s requirements and ambitions to become the global market leader in smart building automation. In doing so, we integrated Loxone’s diverse needs so that together they add up to more than the mere sum of their parts. More than once on this journey we have heard that what we are trying to do is ‘impossible’. Such statements have only motivated us to intensify our efforts.” Thomas Moser, also co-owner and co-founder of Loxone, explains, “We have questioned and rethought all aspects of the campus to find optimal solutions far from any tradition. In doing so, we have also redefined the boundaries of intelligent building automation.”

This has created a place where the entire diversity of intelligent building automation can be experienced by house builders, planners, architects and anyone else who is interested. In addition to comfort and safety aspects, the campus also shows how intelligent control can save 40 percent of energy compared to conventional buildings. In the company’s vision, however, the building ensemble is more than just a structure. It is a place of inspiration. This truly special place is also available to external companies and individuals. Whether for events and seminars or simply for an overnight stay in the hotel, including a wellness area or a visit to the restaurant.

A view of the building from the opposite side of the hill shows that the building literally melts into the surrounding terrain. The remarkable design is by Marcel Amrhein, architect of ARKFORM. “The design of the campus focuses on the surroundings. It was important to us to create a building that grows out of and flows back into the landscape. To unite the most diverse subject areas such as seminar, hotel, gastronomy, office, auditorium and experience zone under one roof and yet also to spatially separate them again was a special and unique challenge in the planning process as an architect.

The Grand Opening


A strong signal for all of Austria

The opening of the Loxone Campus is not just a great moment for the company, however. “Loxone shows how innovative power and vision can lead to impressive results,” said Austria’s Minister of Labor and Economic Affairs Martin Kocher. “This campus is a strong signal for Austria as a business location and sets positive impulses for our economy.”

Thomas Stelzer, Governor of Upper Austria, added: “In this context, the Loxone Campus is not only a flagship for innovative technology, but also a milestone for tourism in Upper Austria. A place that will inspire and impress visitors from all over the world.”

Rüdiger Keinberger, CEO of Loxone: “For us, the Campus stands under the overarching theme “Enjoy Inspiration”. With this, we would like to awaken enthusiasm for the brand and for our products. But also the gastronomy with the concept of Glorious Bastards, the hotel and the seminar center serve this inspiration. And of course we are proud to offer our dedicated employees the ‘Best workplace for performers’. The campus combines state-of-the-art building automation with the natural beauty of the Mühlviertel, creating a harmonious balance between technology, nature and inspiring atmosphere. This promotes not only productivity, but also creativity and well-being of our employees.”

A Vision turns into reality

The welcoming of guests at the opening took place in the heart of the new building: the auditorium. Inspired by the semi-circular, elevated shape of Italian marketplaces, it offers a breathtaking backdrop and at the same time views of the beautiful landscape of the Mühlviertel region. The architecture meets the outstanding acoustics as well as the excellent sound quality of in-house brand Quadral’s sound solution. “From the very beginning, it was clear to me that our campus had to have such a multifunctional space,” says Martin Öller. “Because this creates openness and liveliness – two important keys for inspiration.”

Behind the building complex is a vision that is deeply anchored in the company’s DNA. The formulated goal of becoming the world market leader requires strong expert partners, and Loxone has always pursued a direct sales approach. With a growing partner base, the need for a larger seminar venue arose. The idea of a combined seminar, hotel and catering complex was born – the seed for what has now grown into the Loxone Campus. So one thing led to another – out of the needs of a prospering company.

An intelligent design and seminar hotel

The Loxone Campus Hotel provides an extensive hospitality experience on several different levels. The reduced architecture of concrete, metal and wood creates a restful calm. The digital experience is just as discreet, acting in the background and providing a feel-good atmosphere thanks to Loxone building automation. The rooms welcome guests with an inviting lighting atmosphere, pleasant room climate as well as an individual selection of music styles. The intuitive and simple operation of the rooms is one of many revelations for visitors, showing what comfort can look like.

Here, concepts were also realized that the owners of Loxone looked for in vain elsewhere. The result of this can be seen, for example, in the range of seminar lounges. The ideal retreat for important meetings, such as retreats or workshops in small groups, including a private garden and in-room dining.

The technology behind the vision

At a glance, visitors can see the innovation that lies in every corner of the project. Thomas Moser: “As with an iceberg, most people only see – if at all – the visible 15 percent: the hardware. The real power of Loxone, the remaining 85 percent, lies in our software. Because we see ourselves as a software company first and foremost.”

For users, this has a very concrete benefit: Loxone’s solutions are developed from practical experience and with an eye on the future. This means that Loxone improves and facilitates people’s lives depending on their needs. For example, the company redesigned the entire energy management system during the campus construction period. This now optimizes energy use not only in the campus, but also in tens of thousands of other buildings. In fact, Loxone redeveloped hundreds of such software features during the construction of the campus to optimally map building processes.

The overall result impressed even experienced building project developers. Erwin Soravia, CEO of Soravia Equity: “The Loxone Campus impressed us very much because of its high level of innovation. In our view, Loxone has created a blueprint for working and living in the future.” Two examples of such details may explain: When a workstation in the headquarters remains unoccupied, the lighting color is dimmed from white to orange. This basic LED lighting saves 98 percent of the energy that would otherwise be required. Of course, the ventilation, heating and other systems also adjust automatically to the presence or absence of the users. Or: In the restaurant area of the campus, four different times of day have been identified, each requiring its own audio and lighting ambience. This imperceptibly transforms the atmosphere for guests from relaxed morning sounds to energetic tones and atmospheric lighting in the evening – in keeping with the motto: Concentrated work during the day, partying in the evening.

The Experience Zone provides deep insight into Loxone

To revisit the image of the iceberg: The entire campus shows what is possible on the surface – in the visible area – with Loxone technology. But into the depth, into the hidden part of Loxone, another area leads the visitors in a playful way: the Experience Zone. In this interactive environment, the technology and the vision of the company are made tangible. Here, visitors experience not only the technological expertise of the pioneer in intelligent building automation, but also the people and stories behind it. Thus, the Loxone Campus offers a 360-degree experience in all its facets. Through this approach, it establishes itself as a central hub for discovery and innovation – as the European epicenter for intelligent building automation.

The Loxone Campus in Facts & Figures:

  • Investment: € 70 Million
  • Total area: 8 hectares (equivalent to around 11 soccer fields)
  • Construction time: 2,5 years
  • Green roof space: 78 % of the total area
  • PV system: 600 kwP
  • Electric vehicle chargers: 50 Loxone Wallboxes
  • Energy savings: 40 % compared to conventional buildings, all through intelligent building automation 
  • Seminar area: With over 10,000 square feet, the seminar center offers nine state-of-the-art seminar rooms, as well as two seminar suites. 
  • Panorama windows make for a seamless transition between the inside and outside.
  • Access to the widespread park, including the seminar pavilion.
  • Auditorium: First-class event location with 6,500 square feet of floor space for up to 600 people, which is part of the restaurant outside of events.
  • Hotel: 80 rooms and two suites, as well as a 4,500 square foot spa area
  • Restaurant: A lively concept for contrast: The Glorious Bastards, seating 300 guests, provides a welcome change of pace after a long day of seminars.
  • Warehouse & Logistics Center: 65,000 square feet
  • Office space: 32,000 square feet for 300 employees
  • Greenery: More than 1,000 native trees and shrubs were planted, and more than 3,000 metric tons of boulders were salvaged and rearranged during construction.