ISO 50001 x Loxone

Jasmin Kiss
01/24/2024 in Know How

ISO 50001 is an international standard intended to support organizations and companies in establishing systematic energy management. Thanks to Loxone and intelligent energy management, you as a company can systematically improve the energy performance of your buildings.

What is ISO 50001? 

ISO 50001 is an international standard for the use of energy management systems (EnMS) to understand a company’s energy consumption and reduce overall energy consumption.

The objectives of the ISO 50001 standard are:

  • Gaining insight into energy consumption
  • Reducing energy consumption

The scope of application is very broad. This certification standard can be applied in any type of organization, regardless of area, size and type of company.

Optional, but not mandatory

It is important to mention that certification according to ISO 50001 is not mandatory. However, many companies around the world want to comply with this international standard because it offers a number of advantages.

Here are some reasons why the ISO 50001 standard is interesting for companies:

  • Direct impact on energy costs, therefore lower costs for your company
  • Competitive advantage, and you can use it in marketing
  • Various tenders require certification

Loxone as an energy management system (EMS) to achieve the ISO 50001 standard

If you want to achieve ISO 50001 certification, the Loxone as EMS makes this possible. Loxone offers you a comprehensive solution to monitor, control and automatically save energy in your company. This happens in 3 simple steps.

1. Understanding energy needs

First, the building’s consumption is determined using meters and open interfaces. Particular attention is paid to the base load, which shows which consumers draw electricity even when no one is in the building (standby devices, switches, IT devices, etc.)

Understand your energy needs for efficient operation of your building.

2. Reducing the basic consumption

In the second step, the base load – the energy required to keep the building running – is reduced. A watt consumed 24/7 over the course of a year costs around three dollars. The hidden standby consumers can quickly amount to hundreds to thousands of euros per year. The Miniserver detects energy leaks and waste, enabling quick and affordable cost savings.

Decrease the base load for your energy management.

3. Shifting your energy consumption

Ultimately, we take a strategic approach. Loxone helps to shift the energy consumption to times when electricity is cheaper or even free, thereby saving money.

How to efficiently shift your energy consumption.

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