Explained: Energy Management on the Loxone Campus

Jasmin Kiss
07/03/2023 in Backstage

The Loxone Campus is one of the smartest buildings in Europe. It includes a fully automated hotel, restaurant, office, warehouse, training facility and much more – with each area requiring one thing above all: energy. How can Loxone home and building automation help to reduce energy consumption, save money and protect the environment?

In this video Loxone Group CEO Thomas Moser and campus hero Sebastian Stöger take you on a walkthrough, showcasing the Loxone Campus’ state-of-the-art intelligent energy management system.

The underlying key to this incredibly successful energy management system is the Energy Flow Monitor , in Loxone Config. It is an amazing tool that helps Loxone professionals identify all of the energy guzzlers in a building, so that they can act to reduce this energy consumption, especially those solutions which have a quick return on investment. This blog and video focuses on two very energy-intensive areas:

For the office area of the Loxone Campus: underfloor heating and ceiling induction units are used to ensure pleasant temperatures throughout the 23,300 ft² area. We use Belimo Energy Valves to monitor the energy consumption and enable its intelligent control. They act as mixers in the heating circuit manifold and record all of the data relating to the heating energy.

However, the biggest energy consumer on campus is ventilation. It is therefore particularly important to isolate how high the actual ventilation demand is and then from there we can look at ways to reduce it. This shows once again that Loxone can realise comprehensive, intelligent energy management, with just a few components.

Facts & Figures*:
Area of the office: 23,300 ft²
Divided into 14 segments, each with a Miniserver in the Gateway-Client network, as well as a separate ventilation control system.
Basic values for cost calculation:
(Continuous output calculated for the whole year)

1 Watt Heat output = 1€

1 Watt Power = 2.50€

Air flow rate in the office per hour: 200,000 – 250,000 ft³ when there is approximately 100 people in the office, fresh air proportion according to CO₂ value, 95% recirculation operation.
Maximum design of the ventilation: 706,300 ft³ with approximately 300 people.
Power production PV system: 100kW (additional 500kW in progress)
Connected load transformer on the entire campus: 630kVA
Power consumption of the 24V components in the office: 3kW, including 100 loudspeakers and 900 RGBW spots
Built-in components: Miniserver, Power Supply & Backup, AI Extensions, Modbus Extension, 1-Wire Extension, Belimo Tree, Belimo Energy Valves, Trox volume flow controller, Belimo MPL actuators

* The figures partly refer to the respective daily value at the time of recording the video walkthrough.

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