Ice cream shop automated with Loxone

07/22/2022 in Case Studies
In the middle of July, we are looking for something to make the heat a little more bearable: a trip to the beach, relaxing on the porch in the shade… and what could be nicer than a gelato? In Italy, the “Gelateria Sabine”, automated with Loxone, offers delicious ice cream and cakes to its customers during the hottest time of the year.

Ice cream store owner Sabine was looking for a way to better control her store, since many things can go wrong, even in a small ice cream store. Thanks to the Loxone Miniserver, the power outages that caused a lot of food to go to waste when refrigerators were turned off are now avoided.

“I was looking for a system to control everything in the easiest way possible.” explains Sabine “The Loxone App is incredibly intuitive and customizable and allows quick access to favorite functions. In addition, statistics and temperature recording have also been integrated to comply with the HACCP protocol, which is a very useful thing to have at hand.” 

This ice cream shop ranks first on TripAdvisor in the category Ice Cream Shops in Merano, and this is no coincidence: in fact, the perfect storage of the ice cream is essential to offer a consistently perfect product to the many customers who, from February until the end of October, queue outside the store.

Project Facts

Gelateria Sabine, Italy

Loxone Partner:

Main components:
Presence Sensors
1-Wire Extension
1-Wire Temperature Sensor

What has been implemented with Loxone?

In the ice cream store, temperature control has been implemented in the 18 refrigerators, both in the display cabinets, as well as in the kitchen where the ice cream is prepared. It is essential to detect if something has gone wrong, as well as to be informed immediately if the temperature in the cabinets changes (for example, if a customer has opened a window without then closing it properly.). Temperatures are even automatically recorded in an Excel file!

This simple solution is great for keeping track of time and consumption in a practical way.

Temperature change

What happens if temperatures change unexpectedly or differently than usual? An alert call immediately goes out, informing Sabine that something is not working properly in one of the cells. That way she can take prompt action. 

Did you know that temperatures change quickly when ice cream tanks are emptied, loaded, or replaced? That is why the alarm for each individual cold room can be delayed so that false alarms are not triggered at these recurring times in the ice cream shop’s operations, and Sabine is not disturbed for unnecessary reasons. 

Temperature control at the ice cream shop.
Gelateria Sabine

Temperature variations in the ice cream shop

Even in an ice cream shop it is normal for the temperature to fluctuate slightly: if for a long period the temperatures do not change, even slightly, it is assumed that there may be a problem. In fact, it is possible that the temperature sensor does not report even the slightest change because it has broken, gotten stuck, or stopped working. This is why a function has been automated that signals if no change has occurred for too long – not having any change may be a sign that something is wrong with the sensor itself.

Ice cream shop security

In addition, the store’s security has also been integrated to Loxone: in fact, the alarm and anti-intrusion system are complemented with an outdoor siren equipped with a flashing light and call service, and an alarm system has been implemented inside the store that alerts Sabine in case of a power failure in the ice cream shop.

For the customer’s needs, using the Miniserver with 1-Wire sensors was the perfect way to do this project. Thanks to all the programming options that Loxone has, all of her requirements could be met. Since the Miniserver and call service were already included in the project, a presence detector was also installed-et voila, the alarm system in the ice cream shop was also implemented. This is what makes it fun to implement an automation solution with Loxone!


Partner Loxone, Elmatics

More from the ice cream shop:

Loxone partner in the gelateria.
Gelateria Sabine

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