Audioserver update: Important info for Huawei routers

02/01/2022 in For Partners

The update to Audioserver Version is now available in your Partner Downloads and will be offered through the app and web interface from February 7, 2022. The update is recommended for all users. An important note for Huawei router users is to make sure the router is updated in advance to ensure proper network operation. If you don’t use one of the routers listed below, you can perform the update as usual.

Info for users of select Huawei routers:

In early December we released the Audioserver update, which we’ve received feedback about network failures using select Huawei routers. For this reason, we disabled the automatic update. We traced the problem back to the use of Precision Time Protocol (PTP) network protocol, which due to a bug in the Huawei router firmware, causes a reboot loop and network failure on certain models.

Affected Huawei router models:

  • B525
  • B528
  • B529
  • B535
  • B818

If you are using one of these routers in your installation, please check the company’s website to see if an update is available. If no update is available, please contact Huawei customer service or your network provider.

If you contact Huawei, have your serial number of the device and the firmware version number ready. The support center will provide you with a software update to download. Then you will be able to install the Audioserver update without any problems.

Technical Changelog Audioserver
  • Volmode & fixed Volume from Loxone Config
  • Mastervolume scaling when starting at 0
  • apply offset volume before maxvolume
  • missing EOS signal to other AS
  • spdif fixed volume control
  • Maxvolume clipping at max, not scaling anymore
  • handle Spotify error ‘bad gateway’ and notify
  • suppress events if player is playing and event Volume param is 0
  • audio/X/stop causing other players in autogroup stopping too
  • fix appending to queue causing wrong playback in stacked AS environments
  • correct urlencode output to app for getroomfavs
  • overall communication stability improved

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