Access Control for Homes and Horses? No Problem for Hirst Systems and Loxone!

Nick Fonteix
05/23/2024 in Case Studies

Access Control that Prioritizes Aesthetics AND Equestrians

When the Colasante family embarked on enhancing their picturesque horse farm with a new gate and gatehouse, they envisioned more than just security—they wanted seamless integration, remote access control, and aesthetic harmony. Enter Hirst Systems and Loxone automation solutions the only system capable of meeting this custom need with unmatched efficiency and elegance. 

Meeting Unique Requirements with Precision 

The Colasante family had a series of specific requirements for their new gate and gatehouse: 

  • App Control with Notifications: They wanted to manage the gate through an app, receiving notifications for various events. 
  • Access Code Control: The ability to easily add and delete user access codes via the same app. 
  • Remote Control: The gate needed to be operable from multiple vehicles and from within the house. 
  • Video Intercom: A system to visually communicate with visitors. 
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The technology had to complement their new stone gatehouse and custom iron gate. 

Moreover, as horse enthusiasts, they needed a way for other riders to access trails on their property. While the gate had vehicle exit loops, they also wanted a solution for riders to enter/exit as well – all while retaining the integrity their home security. 

The Perfect Access Automation Solution with Loxone and Hirst Systems

After discussing these detailed needs, it became clear to the automation integrations pros at Hirst Systems that Loxone offered the perfect solution. Access automation from Loxone offers the flexibility and comprehensive features necessary for the complete customization the client desired. 

As the project progressed, the family made additional requests, including control over the building’s lights and low-voltage landscape lighting. Loxone seamlessly accommodated these late-stage additions, demonstrating its intuitive adaptability, effortless scalability, and ease of integration. 

access control for home and building security
outdoor gate access control

The Result: Satisfaction and Expansion

The final implementation exceeded the client’s expectation, leaving them impressed with the system’s look and the simplicity of changing, adding, or deleting access codes. Notifications worked flawlessly, and additional features like ringing the bell via a proximity sensor were easily incorporated. 

Their satisfaction with Hirst Systems and Loxone home automation was so high that they are now considering replacing some of their Lutron equipment in the main house with Loxone automation systems. This decision underscores the versatility and appeal of Loxone solutions. 

Why Loxone Stands Out

No other system can match the breadth and depth of Loxone’s capabilities. Here’s why Loxone stands head and shoulders above the competition: 

  • Unified Control: The Loxone app offers a clean, user-friendly interface for controlling all aspects of building and property access, from opening and holding access points to intercom and access code programming, all on a single page. 
  • High-End Aesthetics: The system’s design seamlessly integrates with high-end builds, providing an elegant and sophisticated look that complements luxury properties. 
  • Future Expansion: The Loxone ecosystem is designed for scalability, allowing for future expansions and enhancements. This not only ensures long-term satisfaction but also presents Loxone partners with ample opportunities for ongoing revenue. 

Remote Access and Access Automation: Key Features

Loxone’s remote access capabilities allow users to control their gates from anywhere, whether they are at home or on the go. This level of access automation ensures convenience and security, enabling users to manage entry and exit seamlessly. 

The integration of video intercoms adds an extra layer of security, allowing homeowners to visually verify visitors before granting access. This feature, combined with the ability to control the system from multiple devices, ensures that home and business owners can manage their property’s security with ease and confidence. 

Home Security Elevated 

Loxone’s comprehensive approach to home security goes beyond traditional systems. By integrating various functions such as lighting, intercoms, and access control into a single platform, Loxone provides a holistic security solution. This integration not only enhances security but also adds to the convenience and peace of mind for homeowners. 

Conclusion: The Only Choice for Comprehensive Automation

The Colasante family’s experience with Loxone and Hirst Systems underscores the system’s ability to meet and exceed even the most bespoke client needs. Whether it’s remote access, access automation, or enhancing home security, Loxone provides a comprehensive, aesthetically pleasing, and highly adaptable solution. 

If you are looking for a system that combines unparalleled functionality with high-end aesthetics, Loxone is the clear choice. With its ability to integrate various aspects of home automation into a single, user-friendly platform, Loxone sets the standard for modern, efficient, and elegant home automation solutions. 

Experience the difference with Loxone—where innovation meets elegance, and security meets convenience. 

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