Cineplexx Vienna

Fact Check



The Cineplexx in the Millennium City Vienna is probably Austria's most modern cinema. In 13 cinema halls as well as in the entire general area, the Loxone Miniserver takes over the automation of the lighting, the effect lighting as well as the central management of all fault messages. The client wanted to customise the various lighting moods in the different cinemas. It was particularly important to the cinema operator that changes could be made quickly and reliably even shortly before the start of the film.


A total of five miniserver, which work in a gateway/client network, take over the control and intelligent automation of the entire lighting technology in all general areas and all cinema halls. A highlight is that all error messages are sent directly to the Loxone partner via push notification. This means that the partner can intervene quickly and easily via remote access.

For the cinema operator, stable and reliable operation of the system is indispensable. The automation solution from Loxone offers exactly this stability. However, if a problem should occur, for example due to accidental changes by a cinema employee, it is possible to react quickly thanks to the easy remote maintenance of the Loxone system. Once, while on holiday in Mauritius, I received a fault message that I was able to rectify immediately.

Harald WinklerCEO, E-PORT Elektrotechnik GmbH