Brent Celek Home


Besides the individually adjustable night mode, the automatic lighting in their alpaca farm is also a highlight for Super Bowl winner Brent Celek and his wife Celeste. The Celek family likes to spend their free time by the pool. For this reason, an alarm that can be heard all the way to the pool when the front door is opened is additionally important to them.


The appearance of a room is closely related to the lighting mood. Thanks to the numerous open interfaces of Loxone, lighting devices from third-party suppliers could also be easily integrated into the Smart Home. The Miniserver knows at which time of day it has to control which lighting in the alpaca farm and saves the family countless unnecessary manual operations. If an uninvited guest actually enters the house, this is registered by the attached door and window contacts.

A big advantage of Loxone is the flexibility of the system. For example, there are dozens of ways to get from A to B. But when you have so much freedom, it can also quickly become complicated. That's why I am especially grateful for the support of my personal Loxone contact. Together we always find the right solution for my projects.

Scott HirstOwner, Hirst Systems