Allow your customers to experience Autopilot Living with a showroom. We’ll be happy to help you bring your showroom to life.

Our Support

Together with your Partner Consultant, you can perfectly implement your Loxone Showroom:

  • Joint planning with your Partner Consultant
  • Support with implementation and configuration
  • Free Loxone Config Check including tips for improvement
  • Personal showroom visit by a member of the Loxone team

Great Discount

Take advantage of our offer and equip your showroom with discounted Loxone components:

  • After successful installation of your Loxone showroom partner will receive the following credits on the installed components:
    Silver Partner $800, Gold Partner $4,00, Platinum Partner $10,000
  • 25% or 50% discount on promotional material
  • Free Caller & Weather Service for use in the showroom

Free Promotion

We’ll help to promote your showroom and send customers your way:

  • Listing your showroom, opening hours and contact details on our website
  • Report on your Loxone Showroom on our blog
  • Posts about your showroom via our social media channel

Recommendations for Loxone Showrooms

To provide you with our support for the creation of your showroom, at least 1 employee must have completed the full Loxone Expert Training (Module 1, 2 & News & Updates), and it must be a publicly accessible space that showcases Loxone.

Loxone Showroom:

  • Your Loxone Showroom has to be discussed and planned with one of our Smart Home experts before execution.
  • The showroom has to meet the Loxone standard.
  • The showroom in which Loxone is installed, with publicly specified opening hours and guidance staff. In the showroom, Loxone is clearly visible and the focus on advice and sales is placed on Loxone.
  • A show or model house which is publicly accessible, in which Loxone is permanently installed and which is clearly visible to visitors. The consultancy staff at the show house must be familiar with Loxone and have attended the Loxone training course.

A Loxone Showroom is  not:

  • Your own home or offices in which Loxone is installed
  • A stand or demo area within a meeting or sales room within your company premises
  • A temporary stand or similar – a Loxone Showroom must be permanent
  • A showroom in which Loxone serves only a partial function. Loxone should be prominently displayed and the Loxone Standard clearly demonstrated.

In addition, the showroom must meet the following criteria:

We recommend configuring the following functions:


  • Individual room control with defined heating times, visualization, statistics and operational modes (eg holiday, increased heat demand or frost protection modes)
  • (If available) Air conditioning controls with defined cooling times, visualization and operating statistics
  • Fan/ventilation control which is activated according to humidity levels
  • Automatic blind control working in tandem with room temperature and weather conditions

Comfort and safety

  • Control of lighting by motion, various switchable scenes, night light scene
  • Central functions such as ‘home’ and ‘away’
  • Notification of alarms or error messages via e-mail and Loxone Caller Service
  • Security features such as alarm or smoke detector integration
  • Presence simulation
  • Access to the showroom on Loxone Intercom XL (iButton)

Visualization and Statistics

  • Wall terminal, such as a tablet, with the latest Loxone Smart Home App installed
  • App visualization according to the Loxone Standard
  • Display of energy/consumption measurement with statistics