Restoring factory settings and formatting the SD card

Resetting to factory defaults is done by formatting the removable microSD card that contains the Server’s operating system, programming and settings.

This procedure will also restore the Audioserver’s ability to be paired with the Miniserver.

It is also possible to restore a previously created backup to the SD card.

Please only use Loxone SD Cards
These industrial grade SD cards are extensively tested and approved for use in Miniserver or Audioserver.
We cannot guarantee error-free operation and functionality when using third-party SD cards. Also, system stability can be affected.

SD card error / slow SD cards
Has your Miniserver notifiied you of a damaged or slow SD card?
Such errors indicate that parts of the card can no longer be read or written to properly.
We recommend that you replace the card, should these errors occur.

The SD card for the Miniserver or Audioserver is formatted on a PC or notebook using the Loxone Config software.
Insert the card into the card reader of the computer or use a USB card reader.

Formatting the SD card

1. Switch off the power supply to the Server, remove the micro SD card and insert it into the computer’s reader.
Alternatively, you can use a new SD card, which you can prepare while the Server is still running with the old card.
This way you can minimize downtime when swapping out the card.


2. Open Loxone Config and select either the Miniserver or Audioserver’s “SD Card” in the Periphery Tree.
Then click on “Format SD Card”:

The following window will open:

3. Select the drive that contains the SD card.

4. Use this drop-down menu to filter the listed backups for specific devices.

5. This is where you can select the backup to be restored to the SD card. If you want to create an SD card with factory settings, do not select a backup here.

6. This is where backups that are no longer needed can be deleted from the PC.

7. Select the type of device (Miniserver, Miniserver Gen. 1, Audioserver) that the card should be created for.

8. After selecting the SD card and a (optional) backup, click on “Format” and confirm with “Yes

9. If the SD card already contains a Loxone file system, the following warning will be displayed:

Select “No” to create a card with factory settings.
If a backup is being restored, you can hit “Yes”.

10. Remove the SD card from the computer and insert it into the Server, with the power switched off. Then turn the power supply back on and the Server will boot from the new card.

Formatting with factory settings will also reset the network settings. The Miniserver will either obtain an IP address from the DHCP server or, if not available, the IP address will default to
Then proceed with the inital setup.


Manage SD Card

Via “Manage SD Card” old files like statistics, log files etc. that are no longer needed can be deleted from the SD card.
Generally, this is not necessary. Always create a backup before deleting files using this option.

Select the SD Card in the Periphery Tree and then click on Manage SD Card.


A window opens listing all files that can be removed.
Select the files you want to delete and click on Delete.