Restore Factory Defaults / Format SD Card


When & Why

A factory reset or format of the SD card is rarely required but there are times when this process will need to be followed. The points below are all reasons that a reset will be needed:

  • Forgotten admin username/password

For security reasons there is no ‘back door’ or security login that we as Loxone have, this would not be secure if there was such a way to login. If for some reason the admin credentials have been forgotten or misplaced. The only way to gain access again is to format the card.

  • Miniserver failing to boot

In the unlikely event of a Miniserver failing to boot, the SD card may need to be formatted or even a new card depending on the situation. This is generally down to the information becoming corrupted and the Miniserver struggles to pull the files it requires to boot. This can happen for example if power is lost during a system update.

Check the Miniserver LED States to see if the system is stuck in a boot cycle.

  • SD Card full

The Miniserver is very good at keeping all its system files compressed, neat and tidy. However, if the system is logging different parts of its program in order to gain more data; there is a chance that this could become a potential problem. Though the logs are stored as a tiny text document, the more and more custom logs that are put in place can have an adverse effect on the system, especially if they are set to store information every state change rather than every hour or so.

If the card becomes full, crucial system processes may drop.


en_kb_icon_exclamation_markThe version of the Miniserver and that of the configuration software are always identical. Resetting formats the Miniserver according to the version of the configuration software.

To reset the Miniserver, place the Miniserver’s SD card, which contains the configuration software, in your PC. You’ll need a Micro SD card adapter.

Use only Loxone SD cards for the Miniserver. (These can be found in our webshop).

All SD cards have their own CPU which manages the flash memory. For optimum performance, Loxone OS accesses many low-level functions of the SD card, unlike, for example,  a digital camera. SD cards undergo several weeks of quality testing at Loxone before being released for use in Miniservers and being sold on the webshop. Please only use SD cards approved by Loxone. Using other SD cards is not supported and will affect the stability of the Miniserver

en_kb_icon_exclamation_markPlease save your current configuration before you reset the Miniserver.


How to Factory Reset/Format SD Card

1. Remove the Micro SD card from the Miniserver and plug it into your PC/laptop Micro SD card adapter.


2. Start the configuration software, select the “SD Card” in the Periphery


3. Click “Format SD card” in the top ribbon in the newly appeared “SD Card” tab.

4. In the new “Format SD Card for Loxone Miniserver” select the drive that contains the SD card.

Icon Exclamation Mark LoxoneIt is possible to load a previous Backup from a previous installation automatically to the SD card at the end of the format process. Available backups are shown in the “The following backups are available” section of the popout. It will show the Address, time stamp, version and contents of the backup to let you select the right one. For further information on creating SD card backups look here. If a backup is not selected a blank factory default config file will be loaded to the Miniserver and it will be in “as new” state.

5. Click “Format”.


6. Click “Yes”, to confirm the start of the formatting operation.

7. When asked if settings should be maintained, select “No”. This ensures that the factory settings are restored.

en_kb_icon_exclamation_markBy formatting, your settings for the admin interface (for example network settings) will be lost.
The Miniserver will obtain an IP address from the DHCP server. If the server is unavailable, the IP address is



Using the Manage SD card option statistics, log files, etc. can be deleted from the SD card.
You can also remove old unnecessary files from the SD card

To do this, click on SD card in the Periphery and then on the Manage SD card button

A dialog will open where all files can be removed.
Select the files you want to delete and click Delete.