A Revolutionary Concept:
Our Switch Standard

We have gained experience through the creation of many thousands of Loxone Smart Homes. We understand that smart home technology can be daunting for some, so we’ve developed a standard for the switches that control a Loxone Smart Home.

Contrary to the trend of home automation of adding more and more switches to each room, we have opted for a completely different approach that is more user-friendly.

Fewer buttons, more clarity – that’s the Loxone Standard. It represents our ideal for how and where to use switches in a Loxone Smart Home. This makes living in a Loxone Smart Home easier for everyone, young or old.

The Same In Every Room,
Every Time

For simple control, we recommend a standard for each switch in the house. This means you can control each room instinctively, without the need for labels or trying to remember how each room works. You’ll find that using a switch in a Loxone Smart Home very quickly becomes second nature.

The Principle Of Control
in a Smart Home

Life in a Loxone Smart Home is like flying on autopilot. Your home thinks the way you do. If you ever want to change something, a single click on a switch or a tap on a smartphone or tablet is enough to do so.

We believe in keeping essential functions in the home, like still being able to turn the lights on and off from a switch on the wall.

The Functionality

The Loxone Standard takes into consideration what needs controlling in a room on a daily basis and assigns this to five touch points on a single switch. The large center touchpad controls the lighting and the four smaller corner touch points control the shading and music. In rooms where there is no music, the touch points can be freely assigned to something else.

Single click

Multi click

Double Click: Room Off

Very practical for when you are leaving a room. With a simple double click, you can turn off the entire room. Lights, music and anything left on standby can be switched off to save energy.

Triple Click: House Off

A fantastic feature of a Loxone Smart Home for when you’re going to sleep, or leaving the house. The house switches off with a simple triple click. All the lights turn off, devices on standby turn off and the alarm is armed. This can of course be adjusted to suit the environment and occupants.

The DNA Of The Loxone Standard:
The Loxone Touch

For the simple and elegant implementation of the Loxone Standard in your home, we have created the perfect switch: the Loxone Touch.

Alternatively, the Loxone Standard can also be implemented using a single retractive switch and two 2-way retractive switches.

Both our classic Touch and exclusive Touch Pure range has been designed to offer you simple yet effective operation of your smart home with the Loxone Standard. 

Did you know?
Our Touch switches have built-in temperature and humidity sensors.

Recommendation For Positioning:
In Every Room, By The Door

During the planning of your home, you might ask yourself what you want to control and from where, fortunately, this headache can be avoided thanks to the Loxone Standard. All functions can effectively be controlled from any switch within the room.

Near The Door

We recommend placing a switch configured to the Loxone Standard at each door leading into each room. Ideally, it should be positioned within a small distance from the door frame.

Wherever It Suits You

For larger rooms, there is often a need for additional control points like next to the bed, or on the kitchen island to avoid having to walk to the door of the room.

Simply position the switches according to how you use the space, remembering that your Loxone Smart Home will know what to do, but that the switch is there for you to take control should you want to.

Oh yes…one more thing. If you want to convert a room after a few years and as a result, the requirement for an additional switch arises, you can find the answer with Loxone Air – our wireless range. The great advantage is that if you are already using the Loxone Touch or Touch Pure switches, no one will know the difference between your existing Touch switches and the Air ones that you’ve added.

Let’s Talk About Your Smart Home

Interested? Then let’s talk about your smart home! We’ll be happy to answer your questions about life in a Loxone Smart Home and help you find the perfect Loxone Partner.