Shading Overview


This block allows you to control all automatic blinds blocks from a central, single block.


By double-clicking on the block, you will open this window:

You can select the blocks in which the actions are to be carried out.

Overview commands are also not blocked by an active Dis input on the respective module. The Dis input only refers to the input connections on the left side of the blocks themselves. The function blocks can still be operated via the app and the overview block.

If a function block is used in the overview, this is indicated by the central symbol on the respective blocks. In addition, the block name in which it is associated is specified.


Abbreviation Summary Description Unit Value Range
Tr Trigger Trigger for single button control. Digital 0/1
Up Trigger Up Blinds Up Digital 0/1
Dw Trigger Down Blinds Down Digital 0/1
Cu Complete up Single pulse opens blinds (on selected Automatic Blinds controllers) Digital 0/1
Cd Complete down Single pulse closes blinds (on selected Automatic Blinds controllers) Digital 0/1
S Shading Single pulse closes blinds and opens slats (on selected Automatic Blinds controllers). Second pulse stops action. Completely close Blinds (using closing duration Td) then drive in opposite direction (using duration Tr) to put slats in a horizontal position. Roller blinds, awnings and curtains go directly to the shading position defined by the parameter value Tr Digital 0/1
AS Automatic shading Activates the automatic shading with a permanent on signal at the start of the shading period or a pulse during the shading period. Digital 0/1
AD Disable Automatic shading Automatic shading not allowed when ON Digital 0/1
AR Reenable automatic shading Pulse activates automatic shading again Digital 0/1
Sp Safety shutdown When ON initiates storm protection for example for storm or frost protection Move to safety shutdown position defined by parameter SO and lock blind controls to prevent accidental damage Digital 0/1
St Stop Single pulse stops movement of blinds Stops the blind and blocks any further operation (also applies to safety shutdown) Digital 0/1
AIp Position of blinds Position of the blinds % 0…100
AIl Position of slats Position of the slats % 0…100
T5 Combined button input Drive completely up or down using top left and bottom left buttons on T5 switch respectively May only be connected to the T5 input of a Touch Air, Remote Air or Touch Tree
Dis Disable Disables inputs (Up, Dw, Cu, Cd, S, T5, Tr) when On. (Child lock) Digital 0/1