New: Loxone Config & App 12.2

27th October 2021 in Technology
As of today, Loxone Config & App 12.2 is available to download – bringing new functionality and improvements, plus much more! This free update further opens up the possibilities for intelligent building automation and makes your Loxone installations even better.
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Loxone Library
A resource community 

Fundamentally, Loxone is an open system. If a product has a suitable interface, it can be integrated into a Loxone project – regardless of the manufacturer or application.

With the Loxone Library, we offer an open collection of different templates that allow you to integrate devices from other manufacturers quickly and easily in just a few clicks, conveniently all in one place. 

Become a Contributor
Throughout the Loxone community, fantastic home & building automation solutions are developed every day. With the Loxone Library, we give these solutions the space they deserve. You can submit
your own templates and share them with the world! 

As with everything we offer, we placed the utmost importance on quality when creating the Loxone Library. This is why any template submitted will only be made available to everyone once it has been successfully reviewed by one of our experts. A rating system will also be in place so that the community can give feedback on the quality of each template. 

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New Function Block:
Sequential Controller

The Sequential Controller is for Loxone Config what the formula function was for Microsoft Excel – a significant landmark!

It lets you quickly and easily create powerful scripts with which actions can be executed in a certain order and under certain conditions – allowing you to work more efficiently with Loxone Config, reducing the number of required Function Blocks and thus providing more clarity.

For simple error analysis, the dialogue box has an integrated syntax check and the script created can be tested for any errors via simulation.


01 Welcome Message

02 Pump Control

Beim Aufheizen am Vormittag fährt die Beschattung automatisch hoch

When the front door is opened, the light is switched on (if required) and a welcome message which includes the current living room temperature is played.

A pump and a heater are activated as often as necessary until the target temperature is reached or the loop has completed X times.

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Miele@home Integration

With Version 12.2, Miele@home appliances can be seamlessly integrated into a Loxone system. Take advantage of Miele appliances and make your customers’ everyday lives even easier. With this integration, you can easily include Miele@home appliances as part of an intelligently automated and highly efficient energy management solution. 

Energy Management
Start a Miele@home appliance when the solar PV system produces enough free electricity. This increases self-consumption and thus reduces energy costs.

Receive a simple notification when you leave the building that, for example, the hob or oven is still on. This way, your customers can leave the building with a clear conscience!

Increased Comfort
All appliances are clearly displayed in the Loxone App and can be controlled individually. You’ll always have an overview of the status of your Miele appliances as well as maintenance and service messages.

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Tesla Powerwall 2 Integration

Tesla Powerwall

Battery storage is an important part of efficient energy management, and in order to get the maximum efficiency out of battery storage, it should be able to communicate with the home & building automation system. This is exactly what the Tesla Powerwall can now do with Loxone.

Starting with Version 12.2 of Loxone Config & App, the Tesla Powerwall can quickly and easily be integrated into a Loxone system via a network device template.

Information such as current battery charge, current charging power, current grid power, consumption and production are all available.

Emergency Power Switching
The Tesla Powerwall has another feature that is extremely interesting for smart buildings. Thanks to the emergency power switching of the Powerwall in combination with energy-saving Loxone products, a grid-independent operation of devices on a single-phase connection is easily doable over a certain period of time. If the mains connection is interrupted by a power failure, for example, the battery storage reports this to the Miniserver to trigger this feature.

Tip: Loxone allows you to control the minimum charge of multiple battery storage units. For example, a minimum charge of 20% can be set in summer and 40% in winter in order to react flexibly to power outages.

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…and much more!

In addition to these highlights, there are numerous other innovations and improvements that increase the functionality, security and stability of your Loxone installations.

You can find more information about what is included in Version 12.2 in the changelogs: Config and App.

Download Now: Loxone Config & App 12.2

Discover the many new features in Loxone Config and App V12.2 for yourself!