Loxone OS: Our Smart Home Operating System

27th October 2015 in Technology

We’re currently in the process of streamlining our website to make things a little bit clearer and to ensure information is easily accessible. You may start to notice a few subtle changes over the coming months with some pages moving around and some information moving over to our blog.

First up to move is our Loxone OS page. For those not familiar with Loxone OS, it is one of the first smart home operating systems, designed in-house from scratch for the Miniserver and developed to take care of every task in a modern Smart Home.

The Highlights Of Loxone OS

Real-time communication

The Miniserver’s integrated web server enables Loxone OS to communicate directly with your PC and smartphone. As such, our apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and PC can show you the current state of your home in real time.


Free updates

With its free updates, your Loxone system just keeps getting better and better! We are continuously working on new features and improvements for our Loxone Smart Home App and configuration software, Loxone Config.

Designed to perform

The future of Smart Homes demands a fast, powerful and intuitive operating system, so we have worked hard to ensure Loxone OS is reliable, working work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Designed to communicate

Communication is at the very core of the Loxone Smart Home set up – it’s one of the most important tasks of the Miniserver. The Open Interface Architecture of the Loxone operating system enables the speedy exchange of commands with maximum flexibility, even when it comes to integrating other software products.

Quick start up time

Contrary to what you might expect from an operating system, Loxone OS starts up in a matter of seconds, so you spend less time waiting and more time enjoying your smart home.