CoolAutomation Integration

19th October 2021 in Know How
We’re very excited to announce the new Loxone – CoolAutomation integration. The new partnership enables you to integrate any VRF and major Split HVAC into a Loxone system – using any CoolAutomation device.
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Founded in 2009, CoolAutomation is the industry leader of solutions that enable HVAC systems to be locally or remotely controlled, managed, and serviced. Their solutions are designed to allow any climate system to be internet-connected easily, securely, and reliably.

CoolAutomation’s unique combination of devices and cloud-based technologies are the next evolution of IoT. They are crucial to any professional in the HVAC, facility management and automation industries.

Their solutions enable remote management, diagnostics, service, and control of any HVAC system within the residential and commercial realms. Their specialisation in HVAC, hardware, firmware, and cloud development, position them as experts in HVAC standardisation; allowing them to provide our clients with a one-stop solution, for accessing and interfacing with HVAC systems.

CoolAutomation is a global company headquartered in Israel, with tens of thousands of customers in over 90 countries.

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The integration is based on the CoolMasterNet from CoolAutomation which allows the control of multiple indoor units from outdoor units over Modbus IP. Control over Modbus RTU is also possible however, this would require the addition of a Loxone Modbus Extension.

Integration into Loxone Config

As the CoolMasterNET is capable of controlling multiple indoor units, to be able to offer a control mechanism over Modbus it assigns a Virtual Address to each indoor unit and then uses this address as the base address for the Modbus register of that unit. The Coolmaster is capable of auto scanning a particular line and detecting all indoor units connected to it.

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Application Notes

To build on the knowledge of Loxone Partners these application notes have been prepared detailing the Loxone integration with the CoolMasterNet device from CoolAutomation.