New: Config 14.1

Jacob Sugden
9th May 2023 in Technology

One of the major responsibilities of the newly founded Loxone SEALs team, is to constantly be working on improving Loxone Config. Through these efforts and that of the wider Loxone team, we are pleased to release the latest Config version 14.1. Loxone Partners and Config users can download the update now to immediately benefit from the innovations and improvements from this latest update.

EPEX Spot Integration

One of the major, exciting new features from the last Loxone Config update, version 14, was the “Spot Price Optimiser” Function Block. This allowed Loxone to take into account dynamic electricity tariffs as part of energy management, which can substantially save money in this fluctuating energy climate. So with this new Config version 14.1, EPEX SPOT is integrated into Loxone and specifically the “Spot Price Optimiser”. EPEX SPOT is one of the largest European exchanges for short-term wholesale electricity trading, so will be really useful for Partners in Great Britain and across Europe.

New Overview and Message Center

In Loxone Config 14.1 and in your Partner Portal, you will see a new Project Management overview and Message Centre. Here you will be provided with more specific, personalised information, that is relevant to you and your Loxone Partner status.

Improved stability and performance

Loxone SEAL stands for System Excellence and Assurance League. The Loxone SEALs focus on improving the stability and performance of Loxone Config, through constantly working on the Config platform. This update is no different and once again contains many great improvements to Loxone Config, which you can find in a detailed overview in the changelog.

Available now! Download Loxone Config 14.1 to start benefitting from the numerous improvements in the update.

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