New: Hörmann Air

Jacob Sugden
17th April 2023 in Technology

The new Hörmann Air enables you, as a Loxone Partner, to be able to seamlessly and natively integrate various types of Hörmann motors into the building’s Loxone system. This works through Plug&Play, via the API Connector in Loxone Config, meaning Hörmann components are now less time consuming to integrate into a Loxone smart home or building automation installation. Plus, this device can automatically detect the motor’s travel times and feed that back to the Loxone system.

Streamlined integration of Hörmann components 

German company Hörmann, is one of the big players in the field of gates, doors, frames and operators. Products like Hörmann garage and roller doors could already be integrated into Loxone’s home and building automation system – however, this took quite some effort to do. Previously, integration required components like 2 Loxone relays or 2 digital inputs and also required separate wiring to be done. However now, with the new Hörmann Air, the time it takes for Loxone Partner’s to integrate Hörmann motors is greatly reduced. This has the potential to open doors (excuse the pun) to many more projects in the private and commercial sector for our Partners due to Hörmann’s high profile.

Power is supplied via the Hörmann HCP interface. Which means that the device is permanently powered and also acts as a repeater, which further strengthens the Loxone Air network. The Hörmann Air also has a built-in LED, which is used for a clear indication to Partners of the status of the device.

In the commercial sector, the use of Hörmann Air simplifies the handling of garage and roller doors enormously. Due to there being no need for any additional wiring in order to automate the doors intelligently.

Hörmann devices differ between two types of HCP interface: HCP 1 and HCP 2. For the newer type of interface, HCP 2, Loxone Partners must first set the Hörmann device itself to allow for external devices to be connected and used; such as the Hörmann Air, which is a natively integrated Loxone communication gateway.

Plus, no additional hardware is required for all motors from the compatibility list! The Hörmann Air only needs to be connected to the HCP interface to benefit from the Loxone integration.

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