Update: Audioserver

Jacob Sugden
30th January 2023 in Technology

The Loxone Audioserver has received a firmware update containing new features. Discover the new software, version, for the Loxone Audioserver now.

The new Loxone Audioserver software, version, includes the following features:

ATTENTION: If a Miniserver Compact is in an installation with an Audioserver, the Miniserver Compact must be at least on Loxone Config 13.2 Beta 3.

  • Custom sound input on the audio player module:
    For playback of a freely definable MP3 file, triggered by logic or API command.
  • Standby consumption:
    The currently already very low Standby consumption has been further improved.
  • Combination with the Miniserver Compact:
    Especially in larger installations where several Miniserver Compacts and Audioservers are used in combination, the new update ensures improved communication and stability for audio zones across devices.
  • Stability:
    Optimised caching and logging to increase memory for audio playback.
    Improved synchronicity for cross-device playback via Tree Turbo (latencies < 1ms).
  • System messages:
    The system messages that are displayed are now even easier to understand (Spotify reason for playback error, ….).

How to get the new features

If you activate the auto-update function in the project properties of your Miniservers the Audioserver adopts these settings and as soon as the update is available, one click in the Loxone App is sufficient.

Alternatively, the update can be carried out using the Loxone Config or the web interface of the Audioserver. You can find all information about how this works in our Online Documentation.

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