New: Loxone App 11.2.2

15th December 2020 in Technology
As of today, version 11.2.2 of the free and powerful Loxone App is available to download! The iOS app now supports Apple Shortcuts to make frequently-used actions in the Loxone App even more accessible. The Android version also boasts numerous improvements. So, make sure you get your hands on Loxone App V11.2.2 to enjoy the latest features. 

Apple Shortcuts:

Among the many improvements, one particularly cool new feature in the latest version of the Loxone App has to be the option to add frequently used actions, such as turning on specific lighting, as a Shortcut on iOS devices.

A Shortcut can be triggered manually, for example with a Siri voice command; or automatically, when you’re arriving or leaving home.

(Requirements: iPhone/iPad running iOS 13 or higher, Apple Watch running watchOS 7)

This changelog lists the changes and improvements that can be found in the latest version of the Loxone App:

Technical Changelog App 11.2.2:


  • Use actions triggered in the Loxone App are available in the iOS Shortcuts app (Requires watchOS 7)
  • See your last played items in the Audioserver visualization
  • Siri Shortcuts donation: Actions done by the user will be donated to Siri. Suggestions will be made on the Siri Widget and Shortcuts App.
  • Audioserver: History of the last played items per player and Miniserver user
  • Audioserver: Follow/Unfollow Songs, Artists, Playlists, Albums and Title without open the Spotify App
  • Haptic Feedback when opening contextual menus
  • macOS: Big Sur like App icon


  • Systemstate: R12-T586: Did show update Miniserver message even though user has no permission to do so
  • Touch & Grill: R12-I192: Target Temperature won’t update when changed.
  • Eco-Screen: R12-I181: AM/PM causes text to overflow in portrait mode or narrow screens.
  • Audioserver: Couldn’t start playlists in the playlists section right from the cover
  • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1303: Artist covers are shown as a circle again
  • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1281: Couldn’t add a newly created local playlist as a Favorite
  • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1295: Browsable items could be opened multiple times when quickly tap on them multiple times
  • Audioserver: Non rectangular artist covers were cut of in the circled view
  • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1288: Last row of long lists was not fully visible on macOS
  • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1286: Couldn’t access artists context menu from cell
  • App Menu: R12-I166: Not needed security item for desktop apps removed
  • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1277: Did show wrong favorite when editing after reordering
  • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1263: Stuck in “rescanning library” when closing and reopening app while library is rescanned
  • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1095: Central Audio Player control may show that a player is playing while performing an update of the Audioserver
  • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1262: Changing a NAS setting did not correctly update the UI (fixing config errors)
  • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1260: Did show Context Button or Add button on radio category cards and cells
  • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1270: Added hover tooltip to read the whole title of a song even if its to long to show
  • Audioserver: Did always send a “reorder” command even though no reordering was made when leaving the Favorite Edit screen on HD
  • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1339, AUDIO1-I1341: Adoptions to new “Add Spotify User” flow
  • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1340: We now show all genres in the “Add Spotify User” flow
  • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1343: Jumping search bar in “Add Spotify User” flow
  • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1342: Loading View now has the same color as its background (Search,  New “Add Spotify User” flow, …)
  • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1344: Title Bar will now adopt for screens background color instead of staying black
  • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1345: Minor search UI Adoption
  • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1310: Favorites may not update in the favorites edit screen
  • Audioserver: Improved initial loading times and multiple initial refresh due to Spotify
  • Audioserver: Fixed ViewManagement of the “Add Spotify User” flow on HD devices
  • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1324: Couldn’t jump to specific playlist from queue
  • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1322: Blackscreen when jumping from the EcoPlayer into a playlist
  • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1336: Did show “Favorite can’t be deleted” popup on the second favorite
  • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1350: Waiting popup when open the Audio player on HD devices
  • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1353: Missing Announcement option when opening the
  • Requirements:
    • Android devices running 6 or later
    • iPhone/iPad running iOS 13 or later (older versions stay on version 11.0)
    • AppleWatch running watchOS 6 or later (Shortcuts function requires watchOS 7)
    • macOS running Version OS X El Capitan (OS X 10.11) up to macOS Catalina.