Real Smart Home technology meets
large-scale applications.

Whatever the size of install, get results with Loxone!
Intelligent automation technology from Loxone takes care of thousands of tasks from lighting to heating, security and more. Whether it’s a single home or a large scale hotel or office – an intelligent system from Loxone takes care of it all.

The right technology for the job.
With Loxone, the different elements of a building work together rather than against each other. From heating and ventilation to security and access control. This allows for a near-endless list of potential areas of application.

Apartments and MDUs

Offer residents unparalleled comfort thanks to intelligent shading, different lighting scenes, fully automatic temperature control and more!


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Create a unique working environment for your employees with smart features such as personalised access or variable ambient lighting.


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Hotels & Restaurant

By fitting out your hotel, spa or chalets with Loxone, you’ll be improving the experience of relaxation and comfort for your guests. Plus, it’ll take care of some general tasks which can help make staff more available.


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BMS and custom applications

There really are countless potential applications for our technology. There are already municipal buildings, community/sports halls, fire stations, doctors’ surgery, and more which rely on intelligent control and automation by Loxone.


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An extensive product range

With Loxone, you have access to a healthy range of products to achieve exceptional functionality. From light fittings to automatic shading and all the controls behind the scenes – you’ll be able to specify the right parts for the job.

Intuitive Software & Free Updates

Whether it’s a hotel, office or apartment building – our powerful suite of smart home software complements your installation and the required functionality. One aspect that is pretty special is that our software is completely free and always up-to-date thanks to free updates.

Marketing & Sales Support
We love what we do here at Loxone. We want to put that pride into what you do, too. This is why we offer you sales and marketing support to complement your project. Whether this is creating a landing page, publishing a case study, training sales staff, the provision of marketing material, or the preparation of documentation.

“Ready for the future.”
“The beauty of the Loxone system is that it’s flexible. We still have many ideas which we want to implement in the next few years. With Loxone, we are well prepared for the future, for example, to commission a PV system that will be able to meet the demand of our production of our brewer when we reach full capacity.”

Peter Krammer, Hofstetten Brewery

Individual Support
From the planning to the commissioning and implementation – you can rest assured that we’ll be here to assist you with expert know-how and experience that has already seen tens of thousands of smart homes and several commercial projects come to life.

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