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The most powerful smart home software

Loxone Config is the ultimate tool for every smart home project. The combination of a powerful feature set and straightforward configuration options makes it unique. Loxone Config is the best smart home software on the market…and it’s completely free.

100+ Smart Home Function Blocks

To date, thousands of Loxone Smart Homes have been installed across the world, and each of these projects has played a large part in shaping the development of Loxone Config. Close to 200 pre-programmed function blocks are available to make configuration a breeze – from intelligent lighting control and automatic shading right through to energy management with solar integration. These blocks enable a quick and easy configuration of Loxone Smart Homes large and small.

Lighting Controller

Intelligent Room Controller

Automatic Blinds

Burglar Alarm

Music Server Zone

Energy Monitor

Timer / Schedule

Loxone Intercom

Sauna Controller



Alarm Clock

Maintenance Counter


Intelligent Temperature Control

Fire & Water Alarm


Custom Logic


80+ additional function blocks

Auto Configuration

Using the unique “Auto Configure” feature, Loxone Config automatically takes over the basic configuration of all major smart home functions as well as the layout for the User Interface on your smartphone or tablet.

You can configure a whole house in mere minutes!

This revolutionary feature is only available from Loxone.

Intuitive Usability

You don’t need any programming skills to configure a Loxone Smart Home. Using a simple and intuitive Drag & Drop method with function blocks, you can achieve a complete configuration.

Screenshot direkt aus der Loxone Config Smart Home Software

Configure faster thanks to Simulation & Live View

Use the Simulation mode to test your configuration in advance. So even without a Miniserver, you can ensure that your configuration delivers what it promises. The Live View tool allows you to see exactly what’s happening in a real install, so it’s ideal for troubleshooting.

Free Updates

Loxone Config, including the associated Loxone OS is always made better through regular updates! Over the past seven years, we have expanded and improved our software based on market feedback to provide new features and functionality for all Loxone Smart Homes. For the latest news about Loxone software, be sure to check out our blog!

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