Weather Station Tree


Please note that the weather station is not suitable for Maritime conditions as the sea spray causes corrosion of the rain sensor.

  • Power
    • Power supply: 10 – 30 VDC SELV
    • Power consumption: 24V DC: Typically 56mW, max. 1.1W (with active rain sensor heating)
  • Sensors
    • Rain sensor with anti-condensation heater
    • Wind Sensor: Minimum Wind Speed: ~8km/h / (~5mph)
    • Brightness sensor: 0 – 188000 lux
    • Wind speed: 9 – 145km/h / (5.5 – 90mph)
    • Temperature sensor: -40 to 125 ° C (-40 – 257 ° F)
  • General
    • Operating temperature: -30 – 85 ° C (-22 – 185 ° F)
    • Max mounting pipe diameter: 50mm
    • Dimensions: 262x120x90mm (10.3×4.7×3.5)
    • Weight: 186g (6.5oz)
    • No maintenance required. Clean with a dry cloth.
    • Protection class: IP44



We recommend installing the weather station in a place where wind, rain and sun can be detected without hindrance.
Ideally, the weather station should be mounted on a pole.

The side of a building should be a last resort due to various factors (such as wind currents, a shadow from the building blocking sunlight and rain) that would inhibit the abilities of your Weather Station.

A suitable position for the weather station is around 1.5m above the roof. When installed onto a flat roof, if achievable, it should be installed onto the center of the roof.

Do bear in mind that the Weather station will be fully exposed to sunlight so will warm up due to the full exposure. Because of this, it is recommended to pick your location based on which bit of information is more important for that installation; the temperature or brightness aspect of the Weather Station.


To learn in the Loxone Weather Station Tree, connect the power supply (orange / white terminal) and the Tree cable (green / white terminal) of the Weather Station Tree.

The Weather Station LED will now flash orange. If this does not flash orange, you will need to check the power and or the tree connections.

Once the device has been learned in, it will then be located in the periphery tree for use within your Config.

For instructions on learning in Tree devices please click here.


The following objects are available within Loxone Config:

`Weather Station Tree Config

  • Analogue input for brightness (0 to 188000 lux)
  • Analogue input for wind speed (9 to 145 km / h) (5.5 – 90mph)
  • Analogue input for the temperature sensor (-40 to 125 ° C) (-40 – 257 ° F)
  • Digital input for rain detection
  • Digital Input for a  Wind Warning
  • Digital input for sunshine (once a certain threshold has been reached, this will trigger. The threshold limits can be changed in the properties).


The Storm Warning is issued when the measured wind speed exceeds the set threshold speed.

This threshold can be changed in the properties of the Weather Station under the “Warning speed” property.


The weather station automatically detects whether the sun is shining or not. Sunshine is recognised when:

The brightness is greater than 25000 Lux, or
The brightness is greater than 5000 lux and the brightness has increased by more than 5000 lux in the last five minutes

No sunshine is recognised when:

the brightness is less than 5000 lux, or
the brightness is less than 25000 Lux and the brightness has decreased by more than 5000 lux in the last five minutes.
If sunshine parameters are met for at least five minutes, the digital input ” Sunshine ” is activated.
If sunshine parameters not are met for at least 20 minutes, the digital input “Sunshine” is deactivated.

The Sunshine threshold can also be changed in the properties of the Weather Station.



When rain is detected, the digital input “Rain” is activated.


>> For general information about Loxone Tree technology, see <<

Short description of the weather station Tree (pdf)


Weather station Tree Declaration of conformity (pdf)