Sunshine Brightness Thresholds


The Sunshine Brightness Threshold (Sunshine Threshold) is a new feature added to the weather station air and tree as well as the Weather Service with Loxone Config version, that allows dynamic detection of the sunshine brightness. It works by getting the time and location of the area and working out how much sunshine there should be. If the current value that the weather station is picking up exceeds this, then sunshine is considered to be present.

This feature is included with the Weather Station Air, Weather Station Tree and the Weather Service.


In the properties window of your corresponding peripheral, there will be a new parameter called: “Sunshine Threshold” (for Weather stations) or “Irradiation threshold” (for weather service). With this parameter, you can change the sensitivity of this particular reading, with Standard +30% being the highest threshold and so it is the least sensitive, with Standard -30% being the lowest threshold, and therefore the most sensitive.

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Do note that “Sunshine Threshold” and “irradiation Threshold” are the same thing, just 2 different names for it.


 Weather Stations

Weather Service

Parameter settings

The above options are in both, weather service and the station.

When to change

The sensitivity should be adapted to the local environment that the Weather Station is located in. For example, the weather station is mounted in front of a highly reflective surface (eg white house wall), more brightness is measured and the threshold should be slightly higher (eg “Standard + 15%”).