LED States


The Miniserver, extensions and most devices all have a set of LEDs that can be used to quickly diagnose the state of the device. By using the tables below you will be able to compare the LED states on a device with the matching set and then diagnose what those lights represent.

Below you can find several lists of all possible LED states and their associated status.

It is important to note that every device has an identifying method. On every device that has an LED, this includes it rapidly flashing between red and green. On some other devices, it also has another method (like the touch switch clicking) in which it identifies itself.

*Flat colours are just on. Not flashing – constantly on.


Left LED Right LED Meaning Solution (if required)
Flashing Green Off Mininserver has booted up correctly and is function fine. N/A
Flashing Orange Flat Green Miniserver is loading the Bootloader file Wait for the bootup process to complete.
Flashing Green Flat Orange Miniserver has successfully unpacked the Bootloader. N/A
Flashing Orange Off Miniserver is loading the Config file. Wait for the Config file to finish loading.
Flat Orange Flat Orange Miniserver is in the startup process Wait for the Miniserver to finish its startup process
Orange flashing, briefly flashes red Flashes Green Miniserver cannot load files off of the SD card. Check the SD card with Loxone Config and restore factory settings. 
Flat Red Off Miniserver cannot load the Image (OS and drivers) Format the SD card using the latest version of Loxone Config. If this fails, please contact Loxone Support.
Flashing Red varies Miniserver performs firmware update wait for the update process to complete.
Once the Miniserver has booted, the right LED is repurposed for System Status. Please click here to find out more information regarding System Status
Flashing Green Off Miniserver has no System Status messages. N/A
Flashing Green Green Miniserver has a Green tier alert Please view the app/Config to check the message.
Flashing Green Orange Miniserver has an Orange tier alert. This is considered a warning and should be looked into. Please view the app/Config to check the message.
Flashing Green Red Miniserver has a Red tier alert. This is a severe warning and should be looked into immediately. Please view the app/Config to check the message.



Loxone extensions share similar LED states as the Miniserver but with different meanings with the exception of the Dimmer Extension. By matching your Extension’s current LED status to the table below, you will be able to figure out what your extension is trying to tell you.

Left LED Right LED Meaning Solution (if required)
Flashing Green Off Extension is operating fine N/A
Flashing Orange Off Can communicate to a Miniserver just not leared in yet. Learn the device in via Loxone Config.
Flashing Red Off Extension cannot communicate to a Miniserver. Extension cannot communicate to a Miniserver. Check Loxne Link connection.
Green/Red Alternating Off Extension is updating Please wait for the Extension to finish updating.
Orange/Red Alternating Off Miniserver includes a programming error Please address the Miniserver using the table above.


Ontop of the above set of LED states, the Dimmer Extension has an extra LED state:

Status of Left LED Status of Right LED Meaning
Flashing Green Red (1sec) Mains voltage was switched on.


LED State Meaning Solution
Flashing red rapidly (approx 5Hz) No communication on the Tree communication bus. Check the Tree communication bus for any impurities and other improper connections.
Flashing orange rapidly (approx 5Hz) Valve Actuator has been detected on the communication bus but has not been learnt in. Conduct a Tree device search and learn it in.
3 Green flashes Device learnt in ok, communication is fine. N/A
Red flash (approx 1Hz) Valve is > 90% open N/A
Orange flash (approx 1Hz) Valve between 10% -90% N/A
Green flash (approx 1Hz) Valve < 10% open N/A
Flat Red light The actuator has encountered an issue with the valve – not present or stuck Check the valve itself. It needs to move smoothly and be present.


Ontop of their identifying factor, devices have some unique LED states that cane help determine what state they are in. By using this, you will be able to determine if your device is learned in, in learning mode or even if it doesn’t have and data communications.

LED State Meaning Solution Device type applicable to
Flashing red Device has power but no Tree connection Check the Tree communication line and ensure that it is in perfect condition. Tree devices
Flashing Orange Device has a connection to the extension required but is not yet learned in Learn the device in via Loxoen Config All devices.
Flashes Green 3 times then nothing Device has been learned in fine and has power N/A – this represents that communications have been established and that the device is good to go. All devices
Cycling through Green, Orange and Red Air device is in learn mode. The device is ready to be learned in, upon doing so this will stop. In order to get a device into learn mode, please see here. Air devices
LED is red for 10 seconds, then off Device is low on battery Replace the battery of the device. Air devices that are battery powered


The Miniserver LAN port has the standard two LED indicator lights, here are the various states and the information they represent.

Orange: Activity LED

       – Off: No Link (cable may not be connected – check both ends or it may be severed)
       – On Link (But no activity)
       – Blinking Data Activity (the faster it is blinking the more activity)

Green: Speed LED

       – Off: 10 Mbps (or it is not connected -> Activity LED is also Off)
       – On: 100 Mbps 

Please note that the Miniserver Go’s LAN LEDs have been disabled and thus will not blink/turn on.