Restore Factory Defaults


If you can no longer connect to your Miniserver (forgotten the administrator user password for example), you can reset it.

en_kb_icon_exclamation_markThe version of the Miniserver and that of the configuration software are always identical. Resetting formats the Miniserver according to the version of the configuration software.

To reset the Miniserver, place the Miniserver’s SD card, which contains the configuration software, in your PC. You’ll need a Micro SD card adapter.

Supported SD cards can be 2-16GB, however our SD cards are extensively tested to work with the Miniserver so you should only use the SD cards supplied by Loxone.

en_kb_icon_exclamation_markPlease save your current configuration before you reset the Miniserver.


1. Remove the Micro SD card from the Miniserver and plug it into your PC/laptop Micro SD card adapter.


2. Start the configuration software, select the “SD Card” in the Periphery and click “Format SD card”.


3. Select the drive that contains the SD card.

4. Select the directory containing the SD card contents. The currently installed version of the configuration software is the default.

5. Click “Format”.


6. Click “Yes”, to confirm the start of the format operation.

7. When asked if settings should be maintained, select “No”. This ensures that the factory settings are restored.

en_kb_icon_exclamation_markBy formatting, your settings for the admin interface (for example network settings) will be lost.
The Miniserver will obtain an IP address from the DHCP server. If the server is unavailable, the IP address is