Auto Configuration


With the Auto-Configuration you can lay the foundations of your future configuration (lighting, shading, heating management), then with a press of a  button; each page/room automatically created for you. A central page will be created with an alarm system and fire alarm block and flooding. It is necessary to allocate a room and a class to each object to be able to use Auto-Configuraiton.


With the Auto-configuration button you can quickly create a standard programming.

It is important first to assign each object to his room and category.

  • Heating
  • Shading
  • Lighting

With the Air Tree and equipment, allocation category is already done automatically.

Then click the Auto-configuration button.

Loxone Auto Config Version 8

In the dialogue window that opens, choose the parts to auto-configure and click program.

Loxone Config Auto Config Created Blocks Rooms and Pages

For each room, a configuration page will be created and it will contain all the necessary function blocks of the Smart Home.
All unique items are automatically assigned to their blocks. The outputs of the shading blocks are not connected automatically for safety reasons.

Via the central block solar radiation information is automatically assigned via Loxone Weather Service (subject to subscription).If the entry “full sun” the weather service is at 1 and the output Qs Smart room controller is active, shading will be launched.