A new way to do showrooms!

Bring to life a wide range of Loxone features for your customers. Simply set it up once and use it over and over again. With the free Digital Showroom Tour App, you can inspire your customers with ease!

What is a Loxone Digital Experience Tour?

A Digital Experience Tour is the new cost-efficient alternative to a physical showroom for our Partners. You can now showcase many Loxone features and products in a straightforward and inexpensive manner. All you need is the free Loxone Digital Experience Tour App and a selection of recommended products to ensure your customers get the most immersive experience possible.

How it works

Your customers watch a video produced by Loxone. In this video, various Loxone features are shown and at the same time, the correlating features in the showroom (including lighting, shading and music and more) will automatically be activated to coincide with what is happening in the video. This helps you demonstrate the tangible benefits of Loxone in a streamlined and effective way.


This experience is powered via the Loxone Digital Experience Tour App, which is installed onto a Fire TV Stick (which you will need to provide – we recommend the Fire TV Stick 4k Max). With Loxone Config, you then connect the app to your Loxone installation in just a few simple steps.

Experience Loxone up close

After the Digital Experience Tour, customers can then interact with other Loxone products that you have. This requires a tablet and table area where you can show the customers a range of Loxone products and their intended functionality. For example, you could use a Door & Window Contact to show an alarm message being triggered because a window has been left open. Of course, the selection of products that you demonstrate is up to you – you could show a Presence Sensor, Room Comfort Sensors, Touch Switches, etc.

Step-by-step guide for setup
Pick a room that you would like to use for your Digital Experience Tour – we recommend a room that is at least 12m².
Install the Loxone equipment in your room of choice. Our recommendations serve as inspiration. The more products you use, the more intense the experience will be.
Install the Loxone Digital Experience Tour App on the Fire TV Stick plugged into your TV.
Use Loxone Config to connect the app and the products installed in the room. After a few clicks, your Digital Experience Tour is ready to go. 
Play the video and benefit from this amazing demonstration tool.

» 1x Loxone Miniserver

» At least 3 LED Spots RGBW

» At least 2 LED Pendulum Slims

» 1x RGBW LED Strip

» A form of shading control e.g. Shading Actuator Air or Nano 2 Relay Tree

» 1x TV to play the video on

» 1x Fire-TV Stick, with the free Loxone Digital Experience Tour App installed

Individual & Flexible

There are no limits to your imagination when setting up your Digital Experience Tour, as the product configuration is completely up to you. In the video provided, all features are demonstrated; the products in your showroom simply complement the experience with real actions such as switching the lights on and off, adjusting the shading, etc.

Supported Devices: Fire 7 (2019), Fire HD 10 (2019), Fire HD 8 (2018), Fire HD 8 (2020), Fire HD 10 (2021), Fire HD 10 Plus (2021), Fire TV Cube (2nd Gen), Fire TV 4-Series, Fire TV Stick Lite, Fire TV Stick (3rd Gen), Fire TV Stick 4K Max