The advantages of the Loxone Digital Experience Tour

Tired of having to be a sales person all the time? How about having someone do this work for you, and for free too!

With the Loxone Digital Experience Tour we can offer exactly this, fulfilling what we hear you as a Loxone Partner would like! This is a free opportunity to present Loxone in a totally unique and very compelling way. The Loxone Digital Experience Tour is an immersive experience that will inspire and clarify for your customers as to why Loxone is so amazing and is for them. Best of all, it will set your business apart from your competitors, while also saving you vast amounts of time.

So why wait? Get the free Digital Experience Tour app today and experience Loxone practically selling itself. Download the app today on your Fire TV device, link it to your Miniserver, and prepare to be amazed!

Digital Experience Tour Package

If you don’t already have Loxone installed, don’t worry! To take advantage of this amazing and innovative new sales tool and to be able to offer your customers the best immersive experience, you can get a heavily discounted Digital Experience Tour Package!

The Digital Experience Tour Package is now available for Loxone Partners in the shop.

What is the Loxone Digital Experience Tour?

The Loxone Digital Experience Tour allows for customers to immersively experience Loxone – via watching a video in which various Loxone features are launched around them, in your showroom, at defined points in the video to further explain the different elements of our automation system. For example, Lighting and/or Shading coordinate with whats being described and shown in the video. In this way, people get to see Loxone in action first-hand.

This experience is all possible via the free Loxone Digital Experience Tour App, that is downloadable onto your Fire TV Stick. With connecting the app to the Loxone installation present, being simple for Loxone Partners via Loxone Config, in just a few clicks.

Big effect in a small space

The Digital Experience Tour is a new cost-conscious alternative, or additional supplement, to a showroom for our Partners. In which you can showcase many Loxone features and products in a straightforward and inexpensive way. All a Partner needs is a presentation room, a Fire TV Stick, the free Loxone Digital Experience Tour App and a selection of recommended products to make the customer experience even more immersive.

Recommended products

The Digital Experience Tour works on any TV, with a Fire Stick, via the free Digital Experience Tour App and can be used for just showing the video presentation on its own.

You can get started with the new Digital Experience Tour Package – but if you want to wow your customers even more, then we recommend the following setup of products to best showcase the interactive elements of the video:

Loxone Miniserver
Loxone Audioserver + Speaker

Various sound elements in the video, e.g. bell or alarm, are controlled via the Audioserver and are played back during the video. The main sound of the video can be outputted via the TV. To use the full functionality of the Digital Experience Tour, please install the current Public Beta for the Miniserver and for the Audioserver.

   Lighting with 3 light circuits

In the video, different lighting moods are shown for different lighting requirements. For this, we recommend these different lighting circuits, e.g. 3 LED Spots RGBW, 2 LED Pendulum Slim, 1x RGBW LED Strips

Shading control

If the room has shading (blinds, electric curtains, etc.), we recommend control via Loxone e.g. Shading Actuator Air or Nano 2 Relay Tree

Fire TV Device

We recommend an Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max. The Digital Experience Tour uses new features of the Fire TV environment and therefore runs exclusively on the current generations of Fire TV products. Supported devices: Fire TV Cube (2nd Gen), Fire TV 4-Series, Fire TV Stick Lite, Fire TV Stick (3rd Gen), Fire TV Stick 4K Max

Setup in Loxone Config


When you start the app for the first time, a setup guide will take you through setting up the Digital Experience Tour. Of course, you can also set it up manually. The Digital Experience Tour uses the following Function Blocks, which are connected to the API Connector:

  • Lighting
  • Shading
  • Audio

To use the full functionality of the Digital Experience Tour, please install the current Public Beta for the Miniserver and for the Audioserver.

Virtual Text Input

We transmit the signal itself with a Virtual Text Input, that we create in the Config and then connect to the API Connector of the building blocks. We name the Virtual Text Input after the room we are using, for example “Showroom”.

*Tip:* Make sure that your Virtual Text Input has a completely unique name, and that no other Function Block or room favourite you use has the same name.

Now simply drag the Virtual Text Input onto any other Function Block for which you have installed products. Done! The Virtual Text Input receives the corresponding command fully automatically from the Loxone Digital Experience Tour App and passes it on to the corresponding blocks in Loxone Config.

*Note:* The Virtual Text Input appears as an “input” used on the output side of the Function Block.


Create user

Now create a new user with at least the following rights/permissions:

  • Website/App
  • Right for internal & external access to the virtual text inbox

Lighting moods for the Digital Experience Tour

For the Digital Experience Tour, different lighting moods must be created in the Loxone Config with different IDs. The ID is needed to ensure that the correct lighting mood is started. We recommend fine-tuning the lighting moods in the free Loxone App. Here you will find an overview of the lighting moods.

*Note:* To create the IDs from 70, it is necessary to create a total of 8 moods in Loxone Config beforehand in order to use IDs 1 – 8 and then after 8 you can freely assign the further IDs. After this you can delete any unnecessary IDs you had to create between 1 and 8.


Welcome lighting

A pleasant basic lighting, ID: 70

Accent lighting (colour change)

Illumination only by the light group with focus illumination with a smooth colour change, ID: 72

Night lighting (Dark blue light)

ID: 74

Indirect + accent lighting (warm lighting)

ID: 76

Basic lighting (colour change)

Illumination only by the light group of the main lighting with a soft colour change, ID: 71

Indirect lighting (colour change)

Illumination only by the light group with effect lighting with a soft colour change, ID: 73

Indirect lighting (warm lighting)

ID: 75

Indirect + accent + ambient lighting (warm lighting)

ID: 77

Audio Setup

There are two options for audio playback of the Digital Experience Tour:

  • Playback of the entire sound including the effect sounds (bell, alarm…) via the TV inbuilt speakers.
  • Recommended: Play the audio track of the video via the TV and the effect sounds via the Loxone Audioserver. To do this, simply connect the Virtual Text Input with the audio player in Loxone Config.

*Note:* In the settings of the Digital Experience Tour App there is an option to play it with or without an Audioserver. If all of your TV audio already goes through the Audioserver then you should select ‘Without Audioserver’.

Installation & configuration of the app

Simply search for “Loxone Digital Experience Tour” in the app store and install the app. When you open the app for the first time, a step-by-step setup guide will start. You can adjust all configuration details in the settings of the Digital Experience Tour App after completing the setup guide.

Supported Fire TV devices

Tips & Tricks

Use the function test
In the function test, you can see all the commands that are sent to the Miniserver with the time stamps. If you click on one of the commands now, it is sent immediately and you should see the reaction in the room. If there is no reaction, your app is not properly connected to the Miniserver.

Setting the correct screensaver times
There are two types of screensaver on your Fire TV: the screensaver or switch-off time of the device itself and the screensaver of the Digital Experience Tour app. You can set the start time for these in the settings (default: the screensaver starts after 120 seconds).

Set the screensaver of the Fire TV device in the main settings of the device later than the screensaver of the Digital Experience Tour App to see the reference pictures from Loxone instead of the Fire TV-related pictures.


Why do I get a 401 or 403 error?
If you receive a 401 or 403 error message when using the app, this could mean that the user created in the configuration does not have sufficient rights to use these commands. Try again with additional rights.
Why do I get a 404 error?
If you get a 404 error, it could mean that the connection to the Miniserver failed. Check the network settings in the Digital Experience Tour App and whether the Miniserver can generally be reached in the local network.
Why do I get an IOException?
An IOException means that the connection is not working properly. The problem could be:
Your Fire TV device has no internet connection.
Your port may not be set correctly.
Your Fire TV device and your Miniserver are not on the same network.
The Miniserver shows no reaction, I get no error message.
In this case, it is very likely that something is wrong with the user’s access data or the user account itself. Please check whether you have entered the correct username and password and whether the user has sufficient rights. Activate the display of error messages in the settings and check which error messages are displayed.
I have tried everything and it still does not work. What do I have to do?
Send a log file in the Digital Experience Tour App menu with your email address and contact Loxone Support.