Assisted Living Water Monitoring (AAL)

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Brief: I need assisted living water monitoring set up.

Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) is a term used to describe unobtrusive monitoring and support for elderly (or disabled) people to allow them to live as independently as possible. 

In everyday life, situations quickly arise that can quickly cause harm to a building, or worse, the people inside. It’s very important that we’re able to identify these situations as soon as possible. A water leak, caused by a tap being accidentally left on, for example, is one of these situations. Left to its own devices a water Leake can be extremely dangerous, therefore acting quickly is paramount.

So the challenge is to ensure that any water leak is recognized promptly. In this Use Case, we’ll show you how to set up assisted living water monitoring.

Solution: Using Loxone for assisted living water monitoring.

By placing Water Sensors systematically throughout the home, water leaks can be detected before they become a massive issue. We’d recommend placing a Water Sensor Air in any place where you could foresee a water leak. Thanks to Loxone Air Technology, the Water Sensor can quickly and easily be placed under sinks, next to bathtubs, near washing machines, or anywhere else you see fit – giving you effective assisted living water monitoring.

Detecting water leaks as early as possible is great, however, (in an ambient assisted living environment) depending on the person’s condition it might not always be possible for them to quickly react to stop the leak. This is where an automatic water shut off can be configured. If a leak is detected, then the water supply will be temporarily shut off, using a solenoid valve. As this happens, the person (or a carer) will be informed of the water leak through the Loxone Caller Service.



Assisted Living Water Monitoring - Loxone Config Screenshot

Download the sample file:

Identify potential risks - water alarm


Why you and your customer should consider assisted living water monitoring?

Although water leaks can affect everyone, reducing risks in an Ambient Assisted Living environment is even more important than normal. AAL is about supporting people to live an independent life – a great way of doing that is by automatically taking care of problems before they spiral out of control.

By setting up assisted living water monitoring and an emergency shut-off, you not only reduce the risk of danger, you give everyone involved greater peace of mind knowing that this is now one less thing they need to worry about.


Local regulations and standards need to be observed. The contents of this page make certain installation assumptions. The information herein does not replace the contextual know-how of a Loxone Partner. As a professionally-installed solution, please consult with a Loxone Partner to realise any of the functionality listed in this Use Case.

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