Orchard Lodge

24th January 2018 in Case Studies

This remarkable home, in a town in North Yorkshire, was turned into a smart home by Loxone Gold Partner, Marshall & McCourt. The listed property has been renovated throughout to offer a charming blend of traditional features and modern technology.

Warming to the possibilities

Originally, the family approached the team at Marshall & McCourt to discuss the integration of a renewable heating system; creating a future-proof new home was a key consideration for the family, so the team at Marshall & McCourt also discussed further possibilities of a holistic smart home system. From this, the original specification for smart heating and hot water control evolved to include lighting, shading, audio, access and security.

Working together

This project is a great example of the benefits of early planning. By considering smart technology integration at the start of the planning process, the homeowners were able to work with their architect, builder and Loxone Partner to tailor their specification to meet their needs.

As Ryan Marshall, managing director of Marshall & McCourt recalls, “regular meetings were held with the architects and other contractors. The extent of the home automation system was agreed with the client and then fed back to the architect to include this at the planning stage. Electrical designs were then completed based on this specification.”

The communication between these essential parties meant that the client’s vision was delivered exactly as planned.

Technology in the background

Orchard Lodge is a listed building, therefore, careful attention had to be paid to the installation of technology. The family wanted to ensure that traditional, period features were not overshadowed by hi-tech control panels, so opted for discreet Loxone Touch switches. The house has a large, rear extension which adds a modern feel to the interior of the home, so the Loxone Touch switches helped to blend the old with the new, without drawing attention away from key features in the home.

Saving 50,000 tasks, one day at a time

Here at Loxone, we believe time is precious. That’s why we’ve created a smart home that can save you 50,000 tasks every year – from switching a light on to turning the TV off. To help the family save precious time, the following features were configured:

When it’s time to retire for the night, a triple click on the switch turns the whole house off and arms the alarm. No more arduous locking up routine or patrolling the house for lights left on.
When the family arrive home after a busy day, the evening lighting mood is triggered, creating a relaxing, welcoming atmosphere and the heating is already busy ensuring that every room in the house is at just the right temperature.

When the family go away on holiday, a ‘frost protection’ mode kicks in, which keeps the heating at a low level, preventing fabrics from getting damp and pipes from freezing. Furthermore, the lighting has been configured to mimic occupancy when the house is vacant, through presence simulation.

Biomass boiler integration

One of the most interesting things about the house is the biomass boiler integration, and how Marshall & McCourt were able to tie this into the smart heating system for the whole house:

“We configured the heating system to allow for full operation of the separate hot water, underfloor heating, radiator and towel rail circuits. In addition, a full integration to the Froling biomass boiler was made possible using the Loxone Froling Extension.

Further to the heating control, we have integrated a motorised Velux window and separate motorised blind which can both be controlled by a Remote Air and Loxone Touch. Also, when the sump pump is activated in the cellar, a push notification is sent to all users.”

– Ryan Marshall, Marshall & McCourt

Favourite feature: lighting

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and just glancing through some of the photos from this project, it’s easy to see why the lighting is a family favourite:

“Our favourite feature is the ability to change the light settings from the sofa whilst watching TV. Our 15-year-old has programmed a number of different settings and changes it to “chill mode” once it gets dark.”

For Ryan at Marshall & McCourt, the lighting is also their favourite feature:

“As there is a variety of lighting circuits in larger, open-plan areas, various moods can be created to add an extra dimension to this property. A mixture of dimmable, low voltage warm white and RGBW LED light fittings were installed to reduce running costs and create carbon savings. It’s ideal for highlighting some of the property’s key features, such as the spiral oak staircase and original oak beams.”

Advice for having a smart home installed

We asked the family what advice they’d give to others thinking of having a smart home installed, and they had this to say:

“If it’s a new build start the planning process early and prioritise the features, maybe building in a plan to extend the system if budget doesn’t extend to doing the whole house in one go.”

We also asked Ryan for some top tips for having a smart home installed:

“The best advice that I would offer to someone who is interested in having smart home technology installed in their home would be to think carefully about their current and any potential future requirements at the planning stage. This will future-proof the building and ensure all necessary cabling is in place at the early stages.

I would also encourage anyone who is interested in smart home technology to see a working smart home in operation to appreciate how simple everyday tasks can be automated and the benefits that can be created.

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Partner Quote

Having analysed various home automation products that are currently available on the market, I believe Loxone to provide the most integrated system possible at an affordable price. The quality of the product is superior and the functionality is great. The fact that the product is easy to operate also makes this a customer friendly solution.

The support provided by the Loxone team both pre-and post-installation is superb which really provides you with the knowledge that additional support is only a phone call away if required. This also provides reassurance to customers.

The product range is increasingly expanding which clearly demonstrates that Loxone is forward-thinking and evolving at a fast pace to keep up with advancements in technology. The fact that all new products can be integrated into existing systems is of real benefit to the customer if they wish to expand their home automation system as new items are released.

Ryan Marshall

Managing Director, Marshall & McCourt

Marshall & McCourt are Gold Partners. Read our blog to find out more.

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