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Duaan Lewis
22nd November 2017 in Case Studies
At first, people may be fairly sceptical or apprehensive of smart home technology, with many claiming that they simply don’t know enough about it to feel confident using it in their everyday lives. Here at Loxone, it’s our job to make smart homes less scary, and instead, demonstrate the benefits of the technology. That being said, we love it when new customers take the plunge on their smart home journey, and find out just how much of a helping hand a Miniserver can be.


Meet Beth Parker, fashion expert and owner of the lifestyle blog Seersucker + Saddles. Beth’s known to be one to keep up with the latest trends, and her home is no exception. Having just moved to Indiana, USA, to build a modern farmhouse with Loxone technology, Beth isn’t new to the concept of smart homes. Whilst living in their previous home of Indianapolis, they worked together with their Loxone Partner, Intelligent Living Solutions, to fully automate their very own ‘smart condo’.

Beth & John Chappo

The Luxury Condo: Choosing Loxone

Beth’s husband John is a real tech and automation fan, hence the idea for them to completely automate their apartment whilst renovating it. As part of their project, their lighting, multimedia, HVAC heating/cooling, security and more have all been automated using Loxone. Some of Beth’s initial reactions to the installation were: “What do you mean we don’t need a key? Or a light switch?’” To be honest I was sceptical at first. But now I absolutely love it – I love the comfort, safety, personalisation, everything.”

Beth’s Favourite: Lighting Moods

It’s such a hard question to answer, but we’re always keen to find out what our customer’s favourite Loxone Smart Home features are. Beth says that for her, it has to be the fully customisable lighting moods that just work, requiring minimal input from the family. For example, “if it’s 11pm at night, and I go to the bathroom, the dimmed lights turn on automatically so I don’t stub a toe.”

Furthermore, the cooking and entertaining moods provide the optimal lighting for working with food, as well as for winding down after a hard day’s work.

Beth Chappo using the Loxone Smart Home App
Loxone Smart Home Sticker in Kitchen

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